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Yellow Stool during weightloss?

Hello, I am a 30 yo Male 6'3 285 and I have been on a weight loss journey for the last couple months, I've dropped 80 lbs (360 to 280) in the last four months. the last couple days, I've had yellow loose stool. I have been looking around and I've been seeing Liver or gallbladder or even diseases. I have no other symptoms outside that, I then saw a few mentions of High Fat in your diet. My diet consists of me eating once a day and a gallon of water, would my body breaking down fat stores be considered "High fat" in my stool?
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No, fat breaking down isn’t considered a “high fat diet” because you’re not eating the fat, your body is breaking it down.

My guess is that you’re losing weight too fast.  80 lbs lost in 4 months (20 lbs/month) is way too much.  Safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs/week or 8-10 lbs/month.   If you’re only eating 1 meal/day, but drinking an entire gallon of water, you’re not eating enough, especially, fiber.  Your body needs a certain amount of calories each day in order to be healthy.  If you aren’t eating enough and exercising, you’re breaking down muscle instead of only losing fat.
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Hey Barb!

Thank you so much for the reply, yeah I wasn't sure how the body expunges fat when you're losing weight, like if it is processed in the same manner. It's just weird that I don't have other symptoms. And OOF! I appreciate the heads up! I heard about an "eat like a bear" diet, pair that with an ankle injury and my room being on opposite floors, I kind of fell into the once a day eating and since I was losing weight I thought  I was doing alright and kept it going.
The problem with only eating once/day is that, most likely, you can't eat enough food to get all the nutrients you need.   There is a diet that encourages intermittent fasting, but to do that safely, you have be sure to eat the right kinds of food to get the protein, fats, vitamins/minerals and everything else you need.   It usually takes a while for nutrient deficiencies to show up but once they do, it can be hard to bring them all back up to necessary levels.  

The other problem with eating only one meal/day is that it's not a reasonable lifestyle change that will allow you to keep the weight off.  Once you decide you've lost as much as you need to and start eating "regular" meals again, the chances of regaining the weight are pretty great.

A more reasonable weight loss plan is one that allows you to make lifestyle changes you'll be able to maintain the rest of your life.  Things like eliminating sugary products, or those with "bad" fats, etc.  

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