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I really want to lose 40 lbs by July but don't know where to begin on exercising and to how often...
I am 23 & weigh 160...
Can it be done in that time period?
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I recommend first of all, if you're not already doing so, keep track of your calories. Try to lower your Carbohydrates if they are over 100g a day. You can do 15 min interval body weight exercises without any exercise equipment at all an get amazing results. I recommend something like 20-30 seconds on 10 seconds rest between each set. Squats, push-ups, Mountain climbers, Crunches or Leg Lifts, lunges.
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Thanks... i will keep that in mind.
Do you know of any good recipes for healthy eating
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The most optimum weight loss that will stay off is if you lose 1-2lbs a week. Anymore than that and will come right back. By July you could lose about 30 pounds if you eat right and maintain a healthy workout plan, but any more than that and you will gain it back very quickly.  I've always found by obsessing over the number on the scale does no good. It's about feeling good and being healthy.
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