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fat loss 4 idiots??

anyone heard of this?  about "cycling" calories and giving up on low fat/carb diets?  
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Hi! I'm on fat loss 4 idiots right now. I've only been doing it for 3 days and I've lost 2 lbs... Basically, you change up what you're eating day by day - sometimes very carby like fruit, sometimes almost all meat so you "trick" your metabolism into not knowing what's coming next. There are no limits on food, except you are to eat until you're satisfied, not full. The advice is also to eat 4 meals a day to keep your metabolism revved up. You can buy the online system for $40 right now. There is a diet generator which lets you select up to 30 foods you like from a specific list, and then you are told what to eat at each meal. It gets pretty boring (the system is based on 11 days on the diet - 3 cheat days then repeat) Or you can follow a plan that tells you what kind of foods to pick, but it seemed like too much planning for me.
One drawback - there is no support group or online advice available.
Surprising fact - haven't read one negative review from a diet research site. Good Luck to everyone!
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Heard of it but don't have any info. What do you mean by "cycling" calories? I'm interested in you have any info...
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