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healthy dinner ideas

i am just wondering if any one has any healthy ideas for dinners. i am making a list of healthy ideas and any help would be nice. i will be putting the list on here so every one can use it.

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One of our group members, Trudie, gave me this wonderful idea today!  For roasted brussel sprouts.  Roast them in the oven with a little olive oil, sea salt, and pepper.  They sound awesome to me.  : )  

Love all of the wonderful ideas tigerlilly!  Thanks for all of the suggestions, it is always nice to try something a little differently.  : )  
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Check out kraftfoods.com and they have a healthy living section with low calorie recipies. I find some really good things on there. And for the meals you already make, just make low calorie substitutions. And go light on condiments!
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Turkey(turkey breast) chili with blue corn chips

Tuna casserole with whole wheat noodles all white tuna and low fat cream of celery soup

Baked chicken breast with veggies sauteed in olive oil and baked beans

Stuffed peppers with ground turkey breast and brown rice, mashed potatoes with tom sauce and steamed veggies

Homemade beef stew light on beef heavy on veggie, homemade to control fat and sodium

Chicken stir fry with brown rice and boneless skinless chicken breast

Eggs, whole wheat english muffins, turkey sausage or natural bacon (oscar meyer)

Roasted chicken and potatoes with onion garlic and olive oil, veggies on the side

Homemade tuna patties and salad (mac and cheese for the kids)

Soup and sandwich with raw veggies and fat free veggie dip, whole wheat bread, lean meat and low sodium soup

Whole wheat rigatoni with all natural pasta sauce and salad, I add zucchini and peppers or turkey sausage or ground turkey (breast meat only)

Turkey burgers on whole wheat buns with baked beans and pickles

These are most of the dinners I make. Sometimes I make extra things for the kids like mac and cheese, biscuits, hot dogs instead of turkey burgers. I still make meat loaf and mashed potatoes and stuff like that. I just add low fat milk and use no butter. I also buy very lean meat. Our beef has gone from 2 to 3 days a week down to 1 or 1 every other week. We are eating mostly the same things just made a differently. No fast food has been the biggest change of all.
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