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how do i lose 25 lbs fast

i used to be thin and when i became pregnant 4 yrs ago i was small up until the last month.I had a c-sec..i breast fed for 2 yrs...i gained weight just in my mid section only i really hate my body aand i feel very unattractive....how can i lose weight fast and healthy...
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you could do the atkins diet, provided you  aren't allergic to dairy, eggs, and don't have high cholesterol.
this diet  you eat mostly protein , and fats.  firts  week is eggs, meat, keeping carbs under 25 aday. this pts your body into "ketosis", -burning fat

after that increase 5 carbs  aweek, unti you are aprox 10lbs from your desired weight. keep increasing carbs this way until you start to plateu your weight.  this is how to mainatin your weight.  keep inmind that  this is not a long term diet.  once you reach your goal you should eat 150 min. carbs to avoid  low blood sugar.

you will haave bad breath after the first week, and be tired the first week.

drink lots off water, no sugar, splenda, avoid caffein this will slow your weight down.  average weight loss 30 days  with exercise 5-10%  off your total body weight, then 2-3 lbs  every two weeks.

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thank you so much i really appreciate it.....carrie
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There's too many factors that are based on individual to really give you a accurate projection.

However, I feel I had to clarify this. FAT is NOT BAD!! Everyone needs fat, it's a normal, healthy part of our diets. It is required for proper brain function, and for producing feelings of satiety.

The type of fat you consume however has a big impact on your overall health and weight. There are three types:

Unsaturated (naturally found in plant foods) - eat lots of these

Saturated (naturally found in animal foods) - eat in moderation

Trans fats or hydrogenated - man made fat that changes unsaturated fats through a chemical process. - Avoid this type

Examples of Healthy Fats:
   1. Avocado
   2. Nuts and seeds
   3. Cold-water fish
   4. Organic eggs
   5. Organic chicken
   6. Grass-fed beef
   7. Virgin Coconut Oil
   8. Red Palm Oil
   9. Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Keep sugar intake to no more than 40 grams per day and choose healthy fats over unhealthy fats to help Achieve a Healthy Weight.  The more foods you eat that have large amounts of added sugars, the more difficult it is to eat enough nutrients without gaining weight.

"Diets" don't work! That's why there's always new ones popping up. That's why we have so many yo-yo dieters constantly up and down on their weight. The solution is eating Healthy and staying Active.

Develop and follow healthy eating habbits and exercise. Stay positive and focus on what you like about your body. Emotions and mental state have a big impact on weight as well. You'll be more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise, if you feel good about yourself.

I have a few short articles on weight loss, you can read them here for additional tips:





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if i were to walk a mile every day do 50 sit ups a day and cut out carbs and fat(except maybe once a week have pizza or lasanga)  realistically how much weight could i lose in 2 months....thanks
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It's not just eat less, it's also what you eat. Try cutting down on fats and oils, for example french fries are a BIT no no, salad is a big yes- it fills you up for a while but your intake of calories is less.  Excercise is also good in moderation.  You'll find that making a small adjustment to your diet over a longer period of time will yield the best results... and have patience!  Good luck
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Well very simply, eat less, move more is what I've been told over and over again!  

Easier said than done, I've never lost my post C-Section weight/jelly belly but I must say that when I did the low GI diet and basically cut down on complex carbs (bread, spuds, rice, pasta etc) the weight seemed to immediately come off my stomach area.  This might be just specific to me as that's where I need to lose most of my weight, but maybe it's worth a shot....

Good luck....
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