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how do i lose weight?

im 47 and i weigh 172 i have never weighted that i always weighted 125-135 and i guess i just kinda got comfortable and let myself go i have a 2 year old grand daughter that im raising and i would love to be able to lose weight  i eat alot of healthy foods fruit vegeatables but i guess my downfall is sweets and i dont get enought exercise how do i get started thanks
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My thought is,,consume less sugar,,pop,orange juice has alot of hidden extra sugar,,try the natural sugar found in apples,,grapes,,watermelon,,,also avoid salt,,sodium,,try to drink lots of water,,and eat lots of fruit and veggies,,eat chicken backed in the oven skinless,,avoid gravy,,pies ice cream etc,,,,white bread is a no no,,try whole grain,,it sure is alot to do,,and its not easy to start,,but im sure once you get in the routine you will feel happy and get the results your looking for all in time,,and walk ,,if you can not take the stairs go up and down them ,,good luck,,and remember always be happy
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hi the best thing i can say, if there is not snow yet on the ground take a jump rope out n start jump roping and at night time put her in her stroller n take her for nice long walks if your the type who power walks like i do then power walk with her in her stroller. When snow falls then put her in the sled n run with her being in the back n have fun get down on the floor n play with her. i have learned pop is a real killer here in the usa n i think alot of my weight is because of the drinking pop buy bottle water n start drinking just water and some fresh lemon juice to your water to help you loose the weight also.
hope i was some help for ya..
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