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is it safe to take acai berry power 500?

i am 31 yrs old woman. I just read and watch about acai berry products how it helps to reduce the weight. I wanted to ask is it safe to take acai berry power 500 or any acai berry product without any doctor's recommendation? pls anyone let me know it about acai berry as i am very impressed to read about that and wanna give a try for myself. but i am afraid of any side effects.
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well thats what i heard too froma  friend of mine that Acai berry are g8 and useful http://www.acaiberry-australia.com.au/
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I"ve been taking the supplement for a week, the last three nights I have been awaken with extreme itching on my legs, hands and arms. Each night as I quietly tried not to awaken my spouse as  I headed into the bathroom only to be shocked when I turned on the lights.

My skin was inflamed, small to medium size rash bumps and my face was swollen. I quickly took benedryl, which seemed to help the first two nights. Last night was the doozy, masses hives, I had to soak towels in cold water and lay them over my legs and arms to stop the burning sensation. I also took benedryl which works for me. After about 30 minutes in the bathroom the hives began to go down. Finally the benedryl took and it always knocks me out.

I have one allergy and that is to the oil on the leaves of poison plants like poison ivy, poison oak, and poison summac. I love mango fruit and would knock them off my grandmas tree in Florida and eat them. Then I would break out in a rash on my lips and face. Still ate the fruit because I loved them. Come to find out it was not the fruit inside, but that the skin of the mango fruit has an oil that causes similar reaction as poison ivy.  

So, my take is that this berry skin has a similar oil or other additives into this supplement contains an oil that causes this same reaction in me.  

I will be calling customer service tomorrow to get a refund and cancel my membership. So disappointed, because I have been working so hard to get in shape and my stomach bulge is a problem area. I was hoping this would help.  

Not worth the hives and missing out on a good night sleep!  

I have found others online having the same reaction, so this is one side effect you should be aware of if trying either a Acai supplement or even the berry or juice itself.  
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thanks a lot. Definitely now i will contact my doctor about this and yes ofcourse i have to do a workout for my weight loss. So do u know on this site anyone who can help me to give me some exercise for my belly as it is my most fatty part of the body and even for diet.
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I am not sure how acai berry power 500 aids in your weight loss efforts and certainly not qualified to give any medical advcie...but I searched through and found some interesting things online.

Acai berry is really a superfood.It can help you in many aspects of your over all health  and may help  boost ones metabloism provided you -

# Follow a healthy diet and exercise in order to use Acai for weight loss in the most beneficial way.

# Contact your doctor to make sure it's OK for you to take Acai.

Good luck:)

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