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lose weight

what is the fastest way to lose weight? I take the pill appulose .
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i don't know about what pill appulose is but i definately know one thing that works for me.do something you like there will be a sport you will love to do like football  basketball joging runing even dance can burn your fat but i love football and cricket and both of these sports take a lot of energy so i dont need to diet very much but diet according to intensivety of sport you will do.
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There is no fastest way to lose weight. It takes time, patience and correct guidance. Following the rights diet and exercising daily could make you lose weight. Instead, starving is not the solution to lose weight. So, make sure you stay patience, eat healthy, exercise daily, and avoid eating junk food. This is my advise, buddy.
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In the end, it's calories in calories out. I suggest the Noom app. Simply excercise more, and eat less calories. Like, 1,200 calories a day, to lose a pound a week.
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It's not as simple as simply "calories in/calories out"... one's metabolism has to be taken into account, along with what those calories actually consist of.  
That formula does work for a lot of people and others not so much, Magmil77777.  I do think they make some amazing apps these days that are very helpful.  The 1,200 calories a day goes fast so you really have to plan out your meals and intake carefully if you stick to that strict regimen.   I do lose weight when I am strict on diet and increase my exercise.  But everyone is different.  Doesn't always equate to a pound a week as sometimes it is more or less but 4 pounds a month is certainly reasonable for anyone to shoot for.  Have you had a weight loss success story or are you working on it?  Tell us more.  :>)
Eat less, exercise more is basically the way to lose weight, but "basically" isn't the same as being right.  As Barb says, calories aren't the most important factor in weight.  Besides the usual suspects like genetics, how you metabolize what you eat is far more important.  And extreme low calorie diets will leave you without sufficient nutrition for all the things your body needs to do its thing -- especially if you're exercising enough to bring about weight loss.  More exercise requires more food, not less.  Everyone is sick of me saying this, but high calorie salmon never got anyone fat, and lower calorie white flour foods have.  Medication complicates it.  Underlying conditions complicate it.  Everyone has to find their level.  Peace.
Stand by what I said and have personal experience with it.  Of course every individual is different and some have barriers to overcome but as a general rule, limiting calories and increasing exercise for most will net weight loss.  Whether it is permanent or not, that's up to the long term dedication and how well someone transitions to maintenance of the weight loss once they've achieved their goal. But this is a support group and this person is offering discussion where others can be open to what they are saying as it does work for other people too.  Like me.  
I guess we should welcome magmill7777 and hope they come back to participate in the forum.  

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Fastest way to lose weight would be starving to death..but that's highly NOT recommended...

Way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF would be

Make healthy choices
And stay motivated!
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I don't know what appulose is.........can you give us a hint.  

It isn't healthy to lose weight fast.  It's much better to lose it slowly and safely.  that way you have a much better chance of keeping it off.  

It you'd like to try that, you are welcome to stick around and we'll do what we can to help you.  

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