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losing weight normally

Ok so my girlfriend has what has been classified as anorexia nervosa by her doctors that was much worse in the past than it is now. She has raised her calorie intake but she is afraid to bring it up to completely normal levels. Right now she is at a healthy body weight but she would still like to lose some pounds. the thing is she has been trying to lose them normally through exercise and diet but since her metabolism is so shot from her bad anorexia its extremely difficult for her and that only makes it worse. i really don't like seeing her this upset. any advice?
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Im sorrry to hear about that. i am in the same boat as her my metabolism is shot for the exact same reason and it used too be so fast. just support her as best you can, and it would help to see a nutritionist so she can still keep healthy eating habbits and get in to shape. also taking vitamins help allot, exspecially b vitamins they should help here metabolism function a tad bit more. she should try lifting weights, and trust me she wont get huge and bulky like she may think from lifing weights. i wish her the best.
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Does she still have help,therapy? I would advise her to talk to them,they can help her with losing weight healthy and/or the worrying about it.lily
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