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loss weight

Im trying to lose weight i have two boxes of diet pills i am wanting to try one is slimquick and other slimquick hoodia does anyone know if it works
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Diet pills are not the solution. Neither is liposuction surgery or laser liposuction. Women have died as a result of liposuction surgery which
is major surgery. I wouldn't recommend liposuction sugery, laser or
otherwise to any woman or man for that matter. Laser surgery is still
surgery. Have you ever seen a video of a liposuction procedure.
It's horrifying. The after effects can include infections, burst veins and
other life threatening repercussions. It never fails to amaze me how
some men can recommend this to a woman as a way to deal with
being overweight. I'd rather be a little overweight and alive then
undergo liposuction with a chance of death. So, I'd have to say a big
NO to liposuction or laser liposuction.  A healthier option, eat more
healthfully, more fruit, more vegetables. Choose lean meat like chicken,
turkey or fish. Limit carbohydrates and increase physical activity.
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Hoodia might make u nervous/anxious headaches and mood swings. Only phentermine worked for me
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Hi Skiles_m89,

I don't think much about diet pills. Once you stop using the diet pills and
you don't change your eating habits, you may go back to your original
weight. For permanent weight loss, diet pills is not the answer.
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Thanks i hsvent tryed them yet i dont like taking pills
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Diet pills are not really the answer to lose weight, Skiles_m89 . I've never used them myself, but I hear they are not particularly effective. I hear some of them have caffeine in them. I am suspicious of any diet pill for long term
weight loss. You could ask your doctor for a referral to a dietician if this is
a possibility. That's what I did. The dietician was very helpful. Don't know if
this is true, but I've heard diet pills can be dangerous because of the ingredients in the diet pills. I'm not familiar with slimquick or slimquick hoodia but as I mentioned I am suspicious of all diet pills. Loosing weight too quickly is also not good. I thinking asking your doctor for a referral to a dietician may be your best bet. I hope these suggestions are helpful.
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