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So, I've been overweight my whole life and I started making changes for the last two years but I haven't totally idk given up my fat mind state. It's like because I've never been a healthy weight, I feel it's impossible for me to be that person. I get mad at myself because I know I can do it but I over think it and then start doubting myself because my real goal is so big about 80lbs. So, I haven't lost any weight because I stop myself, wow that's a real wake up call.
I want this year to be my healthiest year ever! I'm turning 25 and want to stick with my plans to clean my body and be good to it for a change, go back to school and possibly plan for a family the end of this year or wait til next year.
Anyway if you're still reading thanks so much, what I would appreciate is someone that's just starting to make changes that they can keep for life, not quick fixes. A person to just be there for support like once or twice a week and discuss tips, motivation help, anything that'll help. I promised myself that this time I'd give it my all so, if you're tired of not being able to be truly in love with yourself join me!  :-) Let's start eating smarter.
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I forgot to mention that while you have a total goal of 80 pounds, if you break it into smaller goals of, say, 1 pound, it won't seem so daunting...

You're welcome to join our New Year's Weight Loss Challenge, in which we've all committed to losing 1 pound/week, which is considered to be safe weight loss.  

Oh my, you say - if I only lose 1 pound/week, it will take 80 weeks to reach my goal... no, you can't look at that way because once you get started and lose a couple of pounds, you're going to get excited and lose even more or some weeks you might do so well.  But you will reach your goal - just put your  mind to it.

You can access the challenge via the following link:  


Just post that you want to join, then watch for the weigh in thread that I'll post on Sunday.  You won't have to weigh in this Sunday, if you just join; just post so we know you're here anyway... that's all there is to it... The weigh in thread is kind of like a roll call to see how everyone is doing...
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Well, I'm not just starting, but I've been on this forum for almost 7 years, so I'll be around whenever you want someone to check in with.

I haven't been overweight all my life - I just became overweight in 2007 when my thyroid stopped working properly and I've been struggling ever since, both with my thyroid and my weight.  

Have you been tested to be sure your thyroid is functioning properly? Are you sure you don't have any other medical conditions that could cause weight issues or inability to lose, such as insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome, PCOS, etc?

I don't believe in quick fixes and there are very few diets I'll support.   You'll hear about every diet under the sun, including Mediterranean, Low Carb/High Fat, High Carb/Low Fat, Low Glycemic.  

Any diet that keeps your blood sugar low is best, so that means the low glycemic tops the list.  Everything in moderation - except white sugar - leave that out completely.  Natural sugar should be limited.

I also don't believe in trying to change your entire life in one swoop in order to lose weight and I think this is why too many people fail to lose - they try to make drastic changes they can't stick with, so they give up.  Start out making one change at a time and stick with it until that change is no longer a challenge before you move on to the next change.  

For instance, if you drink soda, you should make water your drink of choice.  If you drink a lot of soda, that may be easier said than done... so swap out one soda/day for a glass of water and do this each day until you're comfortable drinking only water (or unsweetened tea or other unsweetened drink).  Don't swap it for fruit juice because fruit juice is full of sugar, even though it's "natural" and will spike your blood sugar, plus it's pretty much empty calories (more calories than nutrients). Likewise, do not swap for diet sodas because those can make you crave sugar/carbs even more. That's just one change you might need to make and a way to do it.  

Each change can be made gradually; they don't have to be made all at once and instantly.

So, even though I'm not just starting, I'm always around and I can always use encouragement/motivation, too ...
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