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need to loose weight fast.

Hi every one;
I'm new to this site,i need your help to loose weight fast.I'm 27 years old and my height is 5ft 4" and my weight is 60kg.I do exercise atleast for 30mins everyday but i'm not loosing weight.Please help me to loose weight fast.
Thank you.
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Quite honestly, you dont need all these diet pills to lose weight a healthy and effective way. If you use diet pills, you pretty much have to stay on them for a while in order to maintain that weight you lose while taking them.
Losing weight is a life change, and using diet pills and what not, doesnt help with the fact tha tpeople need to eat healthy, watch what they eat and also do physical activity. I wouldnt rely on them. Just my opinion!
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I will suggest you to try Alli diet pill, it is a new pill in the market of weight loss supplements. Alli combines it self with body enzymes and make them to digest only 25% of fat which we consume through meal. Remaining part of the fat is removed through natural process of the body. Thus we absorb only the required percent of fat and unwanted fat is removed. Alli works only on body fat so it has no side effect like other diet pills.
Alli declared safe to use and it is available without any prescription over the chemist counter. Alli can really help you to lose more weight than you plan to lose, in a less time than your other diet plans.

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Hi there and welcome! That's great that you're exercising so definitely keep that up. Exercise is only half of it though. The other half (and more important compenent in terms of weight loss in my opinion) is diet. You didnt mention anything about your diet though so what kinds of foods are you eating and are you keeping track of your calories?

I know you said you wanted to lose weight fast, but how fast is fast? If you want to lose weight in a healthy way and have a better chance of keeping it off for good, losing weight gradually is the way to go. It took me a long time to realize that, but once I started taking things a bit slower and doing it the "right way" I was finally able to lose the weight I needed to.

A few things you can do to drop probably about 5-10 lbs really quickly is to limit your sodium and alcohol intake and increase your water consumption. I'm not sure what types of food you're eating but if you eat out a lot, or have a lot of packaged or processed foods, chances are your sodium intake is high which means you're probably retaining a few pounds of water. If you eat more fruits and vegetables (which have high water contents) and drink a lot of water, you'll be able to flush out a lot of that excess sodium which will reduce bloat and help you to lose a few pounds. Try eating vegetables and fruits that are natural diuretics such as asparagus and cranberries. And also maybe drink some herbal teas with dandelion, parsley, ginger or juniper as those are natural diuretics too. Also, I'm not sure whether or not you consume alcohol regularly, but if you do that definitely will make losing weight even more difficult so if you cut back (or out) alcohol you'll probably notice losing weight will get a bit easier.

Other than that, just keep working out and try keeping a food journal to keep track of your calories. Calorie counting is a very effective way of losing weight (it's what I do!) so if you stick to around 1200-1500 a day, that paired with exercise will get that scale moving I'm sure of it! You can google "weight loss calculator" and will find a lot of websites that can help you to figure out a calorie range based on your specific needs (height, weight, age, goal weight etc) Good luck!
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