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questions about losing weight

My doctor asked me to lose 78 pounds before Dec 10th.

Do you think she is asking too much?

Keep in mind my start weight is 377 pounds.

I walk about 15-30 minutes per day.
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I did weight watchers and lost 1-3 lbs a week, it works really good, I have a list of the points for most foods if you would like it.  Also try to stay away from a lot of sweets like pop and junk food, water is the key and start out slowly with a moderate exercise program, walking is good, just stay moving all the time.
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i lost 29.5lbs in 11 weeks following slimming world's healthy eating plan!

23 weeks in and in total i have lost 43.5lbs and if i had done more excersise this could have been better.  

i think your doctor is asking too much but i do know the more you have to lose, the faster you lose it at first!

hope you do it healthily and not thru a drastic diet as you will keep it off

good luck
shirlz x
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Even if you manage to lose weight that quickly- your body probably wouldn't stabilize that quickly and you risk health problems and/or gaining it back.  Slow and steady is the best way over a period of time
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I agree too -  your doctor is being unreasonable -  and asking you to embark on a drastic diet which would not be good for your body or mind.... as others have said ideally you should look at around  1-2lb a week -  so at best you need to be looking at 35 weeks to lose 78lb healthely.

I am presuming he is asking you to do this pre surgery or treatment of some kind?
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Hi Lori ~

With the utmost support and respect, I agree with Skailark that 78 pounds is too much to lose safely by December 10th.  While it is easier to lose weight initially, I would urge you to make smaller goals of 1-3 pounds a week.  

At one point in time, I calculated 1.76 ounds a week and believe, on the average, it is now less than that.  It has taken me 27 months to lose 152 pounds through nutritional food choices and moderate exercise.

Truly hope you'll consider staying connected and actively in this group.  The members here are absolutely amazing!  They willingly share knowledge, tips, motivation and support ... and we have a surprise we'll be announcing soon to help keep everyone engaged and moving forward together.

Please let us know how we can help you.  We'd be honored if you would allow us to share in your journey.  There truly is strength in numbers!

Supportive HUGGSSS!!!!  YOU Can Do This!!!

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Well lets do a samll calculation here. today is 24 th and we are talking about losing 78 pounds by 10th dec. We have a nearly 11 weeks to lose 78  pounds according to your doctor.

Let's break this up further

11 weeks - 78 pounds to lose
1 Week  - nearly 7 pounds to lsoe
1 day  - 1 pound to lose

I think this is asking for too much and too much stress on you,

This 78 pound weight loss is achievable but it is going to take more than 11 weeks.
The recommended amount  would be 1-2 pounds a week.

I am sure everyone have different view points but having worked over two years with weight loss e-patients I know it is going to be very difficult.I am not discouraging you at all.Just wanted to give my humble opinion. Always know that we are here to help you and support you in anything you do coz we care!
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