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very depressed and hoping for challenge

hi everyone i am sorry if my mood bother anyone i feel like big failler and looser i eat when i am depressed or sad or alone and then regret ang feel guilty i wannt to know did i lost any hope to loose weight ?i am waiting for today challenge as i hope great push i failed more than once in controlling weight is it a sighn to stop now and start later?istarted walking for 20 min and abs exercises but i stoped again how could i go on and keep my well powerful and insisting on what is good for my health
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thank you very much i think i will try writing all what bother on paper and what to eat as to remember and face myself thnks i apprecite ur support i am always with all of you and reading every day events in this community i feel that i am among my friends
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Emotional eating is a problem for many of us and is one we need to work on together.  The challenge starts today and there are four threads for you to look at.  This will help you get going.

Now, for the emotional eating ... it sounds like you know your triggers .. depressed, sad, alone.  So, make a list of what makes you happy and places to go to not be alone.  These are known as your "rescue plans".  As you feel sad .. go do something that makes you happy or go try something new.  By all means, get out of the house.  Exercise is a great thing to do at that point because it sends endorphins to your brain that gives you a sense of well being.  

Contact a few friends or family members and ask them if they are willing to be your buddy at these times.  Have more than 1 or 2 so if one is not available you can find another.

Finally, stay engaged in this group.  Read and listen to all the positive videos and quotes you can to help turn your thinking to one of a positive "can do" attitude.  It may sound funny, but it helps.  

Keep shouting out and we all keep offering suggestions to help you get through this and help you experience some success.  Know we care .. and we believe in you ..

(((Gentle Huggsss)))
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