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hi am a really bad eater when im upset or depressed i eat too much my metabolism is really slow and im finding it hard to lose weight iam 28 and and need to lose weight to save my marrige.
my friend told me about these herbal chinese capsules and tea which i bought for 47 pounds for one month i cant really drink the tea the smells to strong and it puts me off ive been having the capsules but im a bit worried are they safe to eat do i need to eat vitamins with these capsules ive lost 5lbs in 1 half week im excited but need advice if there save to use iam a bit constipated but the lady said its importent to drink the tea to open ur bowels please advice me as i would like to carry on taking them for couple of months thank you
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I am not familiar with the herbal capsules and tea that you mentioned.  The alternative weight loss forum may indeed have information on these.  

What I do know for sure is that you are definitely not alone with the emotional eating.  There are many here in this forum that have the same issue.  I would like to suggest that you set up a mood tracker if you have not already.  Clean out your cabinets and refrigerator of things that are not so healthy for you.  When you find yourself going to get something to eat...I want you to stop yourself and ask yourself some questions.  Am I really hungry, do I feel that hunger growling in my tummy?  Am I upset, bored, anxious, nervous and not truly hungry?  If you can stop yourself long enough to examine what is going on each time that you are going to find something to eat, you then can start to do other things when you begin to recognize the times that you do not have true hunger.  Perhaps have a glass of water, some tea, an apple, anything that will give you that full feeling, but keeps you on track.  

Welcome to our group!  Keep on checking in.  I know that other members have this same issue as well and I know that they will have some wonderful suggestions for you.  Just remember...you can do this and we are all here to support you in healthy weight loss.  
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On this site we generally promote weight loss through a healthy diet and exercise.  You may have luck asking about this on the alternative weight loss forum.
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