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weight loss & saggy stomach & arms

Hiya, my weight has been up and down my whole life. I first started to diet when i was about 14 i had reached a dress size UK 16 (US 14 i think) & decided i needed to loose weight & get healthy. I did the weight watchers diet, because i was under 16 i couldnt join or go to meetings but my mum was a member of weight watchers so she supported me & told me how weight watchers worked. I started modern dance, drama, martial arts & played tennis at lunchtimes & went swimming once a week to get the weight off faster. It worked & i went down to a size UK 10 - 12 (US 8 - 10). However we had a house fire & because of stress i gained all the weight back and more. When i started smoking i stopped snacking & never ate breakfast & so my weight plumited & i became a uk size 12 again. However, this time i had not done any stomach or arm excersises & i found that my stomach & arms were saggy. I gained the weight back again when i quit smoking but i am now trying to loose it again. I have dramatically altered my diet & i wont be gaining the weight back. I just wanted to ask if there was any excersize i could do to tone my upper arms and stomach. The first time i lost the weight i did 1000 stomach crunches a day & that seemed to keep my stomach flat but i'm worried that the skin, not the muscles, is sagging on my arms & stomach. I know that this can happen when people loose alot of weight. I have bought some weights to help tone my arms but dont know which techniques to try. The excersises i have been doing seem to tone my biceps when its my saggy underarms that need toning. any ideas?
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The exercise that Lonelymom is talking about with the chair is called a tricep dip.

If you go to this website on YouTube, there is a demonstration of a a tricep dip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTbTY0Miz2A

There are other tricep exercises you can do.  They would be hard to explain on here.  Try to google tricep exercises.

Did you mean you were doing 1,000 crunches or 100 per day?  Even 100 is impressive!

I want to tell you that burning fat and building muscle are two different things.  That's why it is SO IMPORTANT to EAT RIGHT AND EXERCISE!  I am so happy that you know that.  What I am trying to say is that working out will tone your muscles and make them long and lean.  Eating well will aid your weight-loss efforts.  I hope you are also doing some cardio work-outs, too (4-6 days/week).  That will burn calories and help you to lose weight.  The combination of the 3 (healthy eating, strength-training, and cardio workouts) is the key to losing weight - but it has to be a commitment for life for all of us if we want to keep the weight off.  I'm still working on this myself.

If you post again, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.  Take care.
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I had seen an episode of Racheal and the exercise trainer on the show was having the ladies do this excercise with a chair. you put the chair behind you and then position your arms at the tip of the seat then you push yourself up and down with your arms. Well maybe you could look it up to get a better description.

Just hang in there and you will tone those muscles soon.
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