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weight loss suggestions

I'm 5'8 175 lbs
I gained about 30 lbs within the past year. And no this is not due to pregnancy. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to lose all the weight back?
I've tried countless diet pills and have restricted myself to an 800 calorie diet, yet nothing is working. Has anyone found a method that works?
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Here is what I wrote as recommendation for someone else asking similar question:

The way I won the battle was to eat in a way that does not make my blood sugar spike, and which would also keep my insulin secretion controlled as well.  The eating plan us calked LCHF, which is low fat, moderate protein and high fat.  And there are no gimmicks, pills, powders, bars, etc...just real food.  Best part is that no calorie counting, eat until full.  Also, it canceled my cravings and I no longer snack anymore.  I also need to remind myself to eat, as I'm not hungry anymore (I used to be ravenous all day long).

Basic meal is VEGETABLE + PROTEIN (meat, fish, eggs) + FAT.  Example is egg omelette with bacon and asparagus.  Another is broccoli sautéed in butter with steak.  Another is large salad with olive oil and roasted chicken thigh with skin on.  Google LCHF and you will see a whole bunch of doctors and nutritionists with tons of meals and recipes (simple and inexpensive).  Try it for a week and you will see the weight loss happen and food cravings reduce, as this style of eating keeps your blood sugar stable all day long and trains your body to burn fat in absence of insulin secretion.

So, LCHF works for me...I love it!  I hope the best in your life whatever you chose to do.  Good luck and be well.
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You should talk to your doctor and ask her/him to run some simply blood tests to make sure you don't have an under active thyroid.   Hypothyroidism is a very common cause for unexplained weight gain and/or inability to lose weight.  

The tests you need are TSH, Free T3 and Free T4.  Don't let the doctor get by with just a TSH, as many of them try to do.
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