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weight loss

I want to lose about 70 lbs. I have started a three day diet that should help to loss 10lbs a week. Is this a safe amount to lose weekly?
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I agree that 10 lbs/week is too much weight to lose and since you're hoping to lose a rather large amount, you should be under a doctor's supervision, or at least visit your doctor.

There are some medical issues that can cause weight gain/inability to lose and those should be ruled out/adequately treated before you start on a diet plan. They include hypothyroidism, insulin resistance and PCOS.  

Any weight loss plan that allows you to lose too quickly is not sustainable, and the weight lost is likely to be regained once the diet is stopped.  Three day diets, 17 day diets, etc are not meant to be continued for long periods.  

We'll be glad to help you in any way we can, with food/exercise suggestions, motivation, etc.  
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Before you start any diet, it is very advisable to talk to your doctor.
Seventy pounds is a lot of weight to lose. You said you started a three
day diet that should help to lose 10 pounds a week. You asked if losing
10 pounds a week is too much.  Ten pounds a week is too much and could
jeopardize your health. I've heard you shouldn't lose more than 2 lbs per week. Losing too much weight quickly could be very dangerous to your
health, especially 10 lbs per week. This amount of weight loss in my opinion is not a safe amount and as I stated earlier could really make you
ill. If it is possible depending where you live, you could have your doctor give you a referral to a dietician. You have to be very careful with weight
loss. You don't want to put your body in shock. There are also a lot of what I call " crazy diets" or unsafe diets. Losing weight should be done under the supervision and advice of your doctor. Also if you take any kind of
medication it is especially important that you discuss you plans of how
to diet with your doctor. I went on a diet plan a number of years ago now.
Actually it was with Dr. Bernstein. Dr. Bernstein tells you that you will lose
about 4-5 lbs per month.  I was on this program and food plan for about 10 months. What's good about this program is that you are monitored very
closely. Your weight loss is documented and I believe they have a program after you've lost your desired amount of weight to maintain your weight loss. Please know that I am not trying to advertise the Dr. Bernstein Weight Loss Program. The reason I mentioned this program is because even with the Dr. Bernstein Program , you loose about 4-5 lbs per week, not 10 ilbs
per week. I lost close to 40 ibs on this program. I stopped the program because I was satisfied with this amount of weight loss even though the doctor on sight said I could loose another 10 lbs. I told him though that I was satisfied with my weight loss and that I didn't wish to lose anymore weight. Do you see now why it is so important to be under medical supervison especially when you have a lot of weight you wish to lose.
I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss. It's better to lose the weight slowly rather than too quickly.
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Hi its a bit much to lose each week but i have been taking. A supplement called klb6 from holland and barrat they cost around 11 pound and one of the maim ingrediants r apple cider vinegar and they really supress your aapetite ,good luck :)
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