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I'm 22, 5'7, 118lbs. My goal is to get down to 105 lbs. How long will it take any suggestions on shedding belly fat? I exercise sometimes but not frequently.
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105 lbs is not enough for someone 5'7" to weigh... you're even under weight at 118 lbs.  You need to stop trying to lose weight and start exercising to tone your muscles.
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The key to losing fat belly is self-motivation, exercise, eating a more healthy diet and consuming fewer calories than you use up. You can also add skin products like thermofit for losing weight or body wraps for tighter appearance of your tummy. Be positive that you'll eventually loose it.
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Belly fat is the hardest to shed. You'll need a lot of abdominal exercises to tone the muscles there.

If you are looking to lose around 6kgs, try Liproxenol. I lost my first 5 kgs in barely a month with it.
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