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what's go'n on

i cant lose weight, while i do exercises 4 time a week for 70 minutes, and i only take 1200 calories per day, im 105kg and 188cms. 24 yaers old
i pump iron for 30 minutes
cardio 40 minutes
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In addition to the above suggestions, check with your doctor to make sure you don't have underlying medical issues that can cause weight gain/inability to loose - such as hypothyroidism or insulin resistance.  
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Eventually the muscle you are building will help you burn the fat faster, but if you want to lose big numbers right away then then cardio should be the primary focus. A good mix of both is ideal. Keep in mind weight lifting should only be done every other day to give your muscles time to relax, you can also alternate upper body strength training with lower body training if you would rather do it every day.

   Also the minimum caloric intake for men is 1800. Anything less then that your metabolism is going to want to shut down because it is going to think you are starving and it will store fat. Use a food diary (the one on this site is excellent) to help you plan 1800 calorie days that are a good mix of healthy fats, fiber, proteins, and nutrients. Then stick to your diet/exercise plan no matter what. You will see results. It might not happen right away but it will happen.
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you should do more cardio than weight lifting,some people get confused because they are working out but not losing weight but in your case you are lifting weights also which is adding muscle weight to you,if you want to really lose you will have to increase the cardio and lower the weight your lifting and do more reps
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My first comment was ou are not taking enough alories in -  your metabolis is slow and your body is burning muscle mass not fat...

Make sure your diet is in the following range:

45-65% Carb
10-35% Protein
20-35% fat (max)

Dont go below 1600 calories and make them smart calories...

Are you using the weight tracker and the food diary on here?

How long have you been working out and dieting?
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