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wierd diet issues

I started dieting back in the spring and lost 8 pounds in about 6 weeks. I am a 36 year old male 5'9'' and weighed 225 when I started dieting. Then continued to eat healthy for 2 months, but turned into a total couch potato. Did not get on the scale. I figured I did not lose any weight. I got on and was down 20 pounds. I did not even notice it. Huh? How did that happen.

now I am back to diet and exercise (I am eating more, but the exercise makes me hungry, but its mainly more fruit, bigger salad, etc...) and I am losing weight but slower than when I did not even notice that I was losing weight.

I have dieted before and I have NEVER seen myself lose weight when I was not focused. I don't get it. I am not sick or anything and I am only on allergy medication (I don't even take it much).
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You may be actually eating more when you excercise, in your mind you may be thinking that you can eat more because you exercised.  Keep a food log and be sure of what you are eating
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When you are exercising, you are gaining muscle, so that may make it seem like you aren't losing weight; however, you should notice that you are becoming more toned and are most likely losing inches instead of pounds.  Try measuring you chest, waist, hips, upper arms, thighs, etc and keep track of progress that way, as well as with the scale.
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