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Fat and don't know where to start.

Hello im 21 and im am severely overweight. Im 5'9 310lbs and i always had high cholesterol but now im having high blood pressure. I have such back pain that im limited on exercise and i just want tips on how to start. Im really needing advice.
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It's easy to lose weight IF you are determined to do so and IF you have an abundance of will power and self discipline. You simply must expend more calories than you  consume. Avoid fats and oils as much as possible, get your proteins from lean meats and/or a combination of whole grains and beans. Avoid sugar and alcohol and include fruits (not fruit juices) and vegetables in your diet. Regular physical exercise also helps and, although aerobic exercise is good for your heart and blood vessels, dietary constraint is far more effective as a way to lose weight than exercise. The main thing (and this is where most people fail) is to STICK TO YOUR PROGRAM UNTIL YOU HAVE ACHIEVED YOUR GOAL. It takes a while to achieve significant weight loss. Keep a daily record of your weight. What matters is your weight trend over time. There will be some days where you don't lose weight or may even gain a little even though you have stuck to your plan. This is expected, so don't be discouraged. Once you've achieved your goal continue to watch your food intake and weigh frequently so that you don't (as so many people do) regain the weight you've lost. Good luck!
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Thanks for all the input. I appreciate it alot!

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