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Abortion Or Not? Help

I am 16 and found out i am 5weeks pregnant I dont know what to do me and my boyfriend split up because he wanted to be single for his birthday and then said he was not ready for a relationship Now I think how the hell is he gonna be ready for a kid and im confused in what to do i wanna keep it and i would.give it the world but is it whats best we both have jobs but little pay!
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It's up to you and how you would feel about raising a child personaly I would keep it times are hard but you could work everything out. If you do decide to keep it I would tell your ex just so he knows :)
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I would keep the baby or look into adoption. Things could turn around for you and a baby is such a blessing!
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Yu said yerself yu wanna keep it, yu will probly regret doing anything else
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But it will be in a split up house because the fatherss my Ex and what if i dont make enough money and i cant full support it plus I Still Live With My MOm
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In the end it is always your decision, you will be the one who has to carry this child for 9 months. If you are not comfortable with abortion there is always adoption. By the sounds of it, neither of you are ready. I think the best thing to do would be to go to a Family Planning clinic and dicuss with them all your options and go from there. Remember there will always be support for you out there no matter what you decide to do.
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Tell your mom she be of good help to you good luck and sins you want your baby amd you abort him you might regret it laiter so pick whats best for you and the baby im sure you be a good mom if you tried at the end of the day your the only one that can make the choice
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There are lots of wonderful single moms out there. But, you are so right. Your bf is not ready for this at all. You will most likely be taking care of the baby yourself and it is a full time job. The hardest one you will ever have. No more going out with friends. You may not be able to finish school. Babies cost alot of money to raise. Diapers, clothes, formula, toys. I know you're only 5 weeks along but have you thought about an open adoption? That way you will still be in the child's life to some degree.
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If you're pregnant, you weren't meant to be. Don't have an abortion. There are other options!
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I got pregnant when I was 17 my baby is now almost 8 months old I was scared but looking bak now I wouldn't change it for the world
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Hi> I was just wondering how you made out?
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You could also contact an adoption attorney who will offer other options to you.

Ultimately it is your choice, and your choice only and I strongly urge you to do some very deep soul searching.

And if anyone should attempt to force you to do something against your will, call the police.

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