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Abortion vs pregnancy?

I'm 20 years old turning 21 this year, taking my health care assistant course right now where i will finish up and hopefully have a degree by July as a health care, soon to have my own place, and hopefully be working in a facility before i am graduated from university. I have a very supportive family as my mom did have me when she was young, younger than i am now, we have a very close open relationship same with my siblings and step dad.  i am currently single and just found out im approx. 5/6 weeks pregnant. Me and the baby dad are not together, nor did have plans on being together, more of a one night stand gone bad lol. I am torn between the idea of keeping or aborting this baby, myself I believe i am ready to have a child and become a mother, i pretty much raised my younger siblings as my own, i've always wanted a baby, but how circumstances are with me and the father i'm not sure if i can do this alone, but im also not sure if i can go through with an abortion. Was wondering if anyone had any tips or thoughts or advice to share with me in helping me choose my decision that would be awesome!  
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I think you should keep the baby. I had an abortion early last year and regretted it so much and Just found out I'm pregnant which I'm definitely going ahead with my pregnancy. A baby is a blessing. Some people can't fall pregnant and wish they could have a baby. Congratulations and good luck  
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I know u will do what u want to do at the end of the day but don't allow not having a father for your baby keep u from the greatest  blessing in the world. I was around ur age with my first child my son father and I we're high school sweethearts. He was not ready to be a dad and he walked away. My son is not 8yrs old and never met his dad. I met someone  when my son was 8 months and he is God send. He have been there for the both of us now I am 29 and we are expecting our first child together. I was able to finish  school although I am currently  attending to further my education  but I completed school with my child and with the help of my family and boyfriend. Keep your child watch and see how that baby motivates u to be the best mother, daughter, friend, student, employee u could ever be. This is just my opinion but if u are against abortions it will devastate u.
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