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Having stroke symptoms

I have 2 babies , I had Stoke symptoms with both but my last one was worse . I'm pregnant now , only like 4 weeks , and I'm already getting stroke symptoms. I'm not for an abortion but if it means loosing my life will my doctor let me terminate , I can be on birth control because I get the same symptoms. My left side goes numb an I can see out of my eye an I get a migraine like no other . I normally don't get the stroke symptoms till about 6 months but I'm already having them . I don't want my life in danger nor the baby , will my doctor do this for me ?.
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You'll have to ask your doctor.
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Oh gosh, VERY sorry to hear this.  Doctors do treat the mother first.  If you are at risk of a stroke, they will take that seriously. Do you have preeclampsia?  High blood pressure?  PLEASE talk to your doctor. They often take babies very early for this or at least monitor you very carefully for when delivery is essential for YOUR health.  What does your doctor say?  My doctor will terminate when it is in the best interest but it is unique that you are 6 months along.  Are you high risk?  If you just wish to terminate on your own, that is different.  That will depend on your state's laws.  Let us know how this goes, okay?  We are here to listen hon and help if we can).
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