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How to avoid unplanned pregnancy?

I have 3 months baby and I didnt had my periods from last 2 months also I m breastfeeding my child I do had sex with my husband I think I m pregnant but at the same time I dont want to be as my baby is very small I cant make her suffer please tell me how to avoid it and how I can have my periods back please help meits really urgent.
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First,  you need to know if you're pregnant.  Do you have access to a pregnancy test?  It's likely you haven't had periods because you're breastfeeding,  but you need to find out through a test.

Children who are born close in age don't usually "suffer" if they have a sibling born the next year.  Children who are a little bit older sometimes feel very jealous because they've gotten used to being the only child and the newborn baby is so much younger than they are that they don't really form a peer relationship.  

If you're asking how to abort a baby without any medical help,  there really isn't any way to do that yourself that's safe.
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Around the clock breastfeeding can delay pregnancy but generally not if your healthy and of good weight. And starving yourself won't work as your breastfed infant is taking a lot of calories from you.
If there were a home made way to abort, trust me, we would all know of it And anything you do will harm the baby you have unless you get to a Planned parenthood clinic, or other, and get a pregnancy test.
As to close birth spacing, if you have the energy, it can be a great thing to get child rearing done so you can continue your other life plans, the babies will end up adoring each other and jealousy is less likely with close spacing.
Having said that, it's Your choice.  Get to a clinic, yes you can take your baby with you.
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