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Is this normal for abortion recovery?

I had a surgical aspiration abortion 4 days ago.  I'm between 25-30 years old and in relatively good health (not obese).  It was 6 weeks since the FDLP but estimated ~3 weeks since conception.  The procedure was performed at a licensed clinic and took around 5-10 minutes (I was put under IV anesthesia). Since the procedure I have had some cramping (nothing worse than a bad period), almost no bleeding and some brown chunky discharge that only lasted for a couple hours.  Today I started seeing white discharge with a yellowish tint - not a lot, just some when I wipe.  It doesn't smell bad, maybe a little tangy, and there is no burning or itching.  Is this normal?  I tried to find answers online but there is way too much out there to know what's accurate and to be expected or what is an infection.  I've also had tension headaches and some lightheadedness (especially right after eating) for the past couple days but I think this could be because of hormone changes or stress?  The same lightheadedness was really bad for the past week or so and I'm pretty sure it was because I was pregnant (though I didn't know this at the time). My temperature and heart rate have all been within normal range, btwb 60-100 BMP, and I've had no fever.  I just want to know if this is to be expected for recovery or if I'm driving myself crazy by looking at too much Doctor Google!  
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Hi there!  I am so sorry I am just seeing this.  I think this is all pretty typical.  Think about that fact that when pregnant, you have all the pregnancy hormones circulating.  Abortion is an immediate change.  This throws the hormonal system all off.  And you get symptoms like you describe.

How are you feeling now?  
Hi specialmom, thanks for the reply! I am feeling much better overall - 3 weeks out and the discharge has tapered off (was always whitish with no odor, itch or pain).  However I did take a OTC pregnancy test the other day and it was positive. I know this is a No No since pregnancy hormones can stay in your system for up to 8 weeks but I couldn’t help it. I’ve been having cramps and some nausea the last few days. Hoping this is just the last of it all tapering off or my period or something and not indicative of an unsuccessful abortion :( Do you have any thoughs either way? Thanks again for your responses!
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I'm sorry I am just seeing this. Whatever ended up happening? I'm guessing all is fine.  Come back and update me!
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