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I'm sara my last period is 4th june but now on july I didn't have periods my boyfriend ask me to use misoprostol abortion pills so i use it and after that light blood are released and brown fluids are released now what i do for periods I'm so worried
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Hello.  Sorry for your predicament.  When he asked you to use the pills, where did he/you get them?   I know it can sometimes be bought over the counter and sometimes you need a prescription.  I think medical abortion is best if overseen by a doctor!  Makes me nervous otherwise!!  

When I'm reading this, I am left wondering if you ever got a positive pregnancy test!  If you did not, ugh.  Women are late all the time and not pregnant.  You would want to make sure you are pregnant if you are going to take misoprostol.  Just being late without a positive pregnancy test is not a reason to take it!  

Misoprostol works by causing contractions of the womb that dispel the fetus.  That's how it works.  Did you have cramps?  Or have you had cramping?  It works 94% of the time.  Pretty effective. But some women do have to take a second dose 3 days after the first.  I just can't recommend that though if you are only doing this because you are late without a positive test!  

If you were pregnant, you'd have cramping and would not just have blood but probably some clots and tissue (fetal tissue) in it.  (not to be too graphic . . . just trying to explain).  Can you see a doctor?  Any clinics by you?  In the states we have Planned Parenthood which sees people at very low cost and parents do not have to be involved.  

Anyway, I'm happy to help.  Tell me more about what is going on!
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