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Pregnancy after endometrial ablation

Hello everyone. I had an ablation (balloon) and D&C in 2011 in 20's. I have never truly wanted children, and I stupidly made this decision as a rash decision. I recently lost over 200 lbs and started getting periods (3 days per week). I recently found out I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Everything is looking good, and I have been recommended to see a high risk specialist. I am looking for hope, and honest feedback. The topic of abortion came up, but this may be my only chance for a child. Anyone have experience?
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Well, congratulations.  This sounds like something you are very confused over.  I understand. It's a big undertaking to have a child and this was a total surprise.  The decision about keeping the baby is entirely yours.  (obviously).  I became a mom later in life and it's been a blessing.  Honestly did not know I could love anyone as much as my sons.  But, it IS a lot of work and a total game changer in life.  I dropped my full blown career, I have to give up many things to care for my kids, and I'm often really tired.  lol  But, it's joyful to have these beings I brought into the world.  For me.  But this is individual for YOU.  What about getting out a piece of paper and writing down pro's and con's?  Then reading it.  I also like to shut my eyes and just quiet my mind waiting for an answer.  It often comes to me when I do that.  If you feel this is your only chance and you want a child, then have the baby accepting all that comes with that.  but if timing is off and this just isn't right, there is no shame in abortion.  You have to do what is best for you. Anyway, I'm here to lend an ear if you need one.  hugs
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