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Single mum at 34

I'm now 6 weeks pregnant have an abortion scheduled next week. This was a total accident and was the 1st time i had sex with the dad. I do want a baby but not like this I want to know the dad. Be in a realtionship  etc. But it looks like if i continue I will be a single parent.  He will be involved as a dad but how much i dont know.  Hes not been very interactive since telling him. This is not how i  wanted to become a mum. Father doesn't want the baby. Just need advice if anyone is or has been in my situation....☺

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Ah, I'm really sorry to read this.  It's a hard situation to be in.  It is not for everyone to raise a baby alone and be a single mom and while children are precious --  they are work and expensive and it is just harder by yourself.  So, you have to make the best decision for you.  I'm here to lend an ear if you need one!  hugs
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Thank you for this opinion, I know it would be had. But I'm not at all scared  of being a mum I know I am a natural mother  and very capable.  It's just the guilty of false someone else to be a father. And not having the family  unit I always pictured that I struggle with. And also tellin my parents  how funny.is that I'm 34 an worried about telling my mum an dad hahahaha
Well I think you're taking a very well-thought out and sensible decision for all involved here. If the father isn't too keen, chances are he won't be too involved in the process and like specialmom pointed out, raising a child is a test of everything you are! financially, emotionally, physically tasking. All the best and my best wishes for you to someday have a family you want, on your terms.
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Nobody can answer that question.  The decision must come from you.  You have 3 choices only and you must pick one without help from anybody at all:

1)  Adoption
2)  Abortion
3)  Raise your child
It wasn't an accident.  It was an unexpected sexual encounter maybe. Or you were unprepared because it was a surprise or impulse.  But know that it wasn't an accident if you understand the birds and the bees.

Even if you had unplanned sex without birth control because you were caught up in the excitement, etc., I understand.  I respect the sex drive and get that.  I've been in your shoes.  We are only human and the sex drive is ferocious.
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