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i want no detail on what happens i want noone to comment and say '' the baby this the baby that''
But what and how is a procedure like an abotion at 12-13 weeks? is it a suction or etc  And do i have to be awake during it? Im not wanting to be awake if you can share your story on your abortion what it was like PLEASE DO. really stressing ..
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Hi there.  This is my understanding of it.  You will go to the clinic and wait to be taken back.  Once back, you will lay on a table.  Now, you may be given something like an anxiety pill or laughing gas.  Look up at the ceiling.  And then a speculum will be inserted into the vagina similar to when having a pap smear.  Then they do use a tube that they insert that makes a light whirring sound.  This does suck the fetus out.   The fetus is tiny and while a bit uncomfortable, this is not supposed to hurt.  Then you go to recovery.  There is some mild cramping after and some bleeding about  like  a period for a few days.  Not supposed to be bad.  good luck
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Well. I was never brave enough to ask orI find out what the procedure is like but I wasn't awake and when I woke up I did not remember a thing. I was dizzy for a few days from the anesthetic.

I must say that I appreciate before hand you not asking for people to give you information or advice you did not ask for. Some people can be quite extreme and hurtful when it comes to the subject of Abortion. You seem to know what you want, you seem to be sure. That's important when getting a procedure such as this.

Anna --
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I had one done at about 8wks.
I was giving a few pills for my anxiety which barely calmed me down.
I went in assuming I'd be put to sleep (like when I had a D&C done for a miscarriage previously), but I was not. They inserted something that I didn't really feel, and then I started feeling pressure and cramping. I was awake through the entire procedure (although in reality it was only a few minutes, hearing and seeing / being aware of what was going on - it felt like a lifetime).
I sobbed and sobbed after.
But, that was my decision and as a woman, I'm very glad we have this choice because I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't make that decision.
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Thank you for sharing that ribaby.  peace
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