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Someone has to know whats wrong

My symptoms and health issues over the last 6 years chronologically:

Sudden major low thyroid function: diagnosis: Hashimotos (later stopped synthroid and levels were fine)
Sudden appendicitis: treatment: emergency removal
Sudden sever gland inflammation (tonsils and adenoids): diagnosis: tonsillitis; treatment: removal
15 week miscarriage: treatment: induced into labor, lots of blood work and medical tests... everything fine... bleed for 15 weeks then got pregnant again
18 week miscarriage: treatment: same as above... no bleeding at all except in sudden massive flows and clots
...On and off throughout the years I have times where I suffer from these things simultaneously: chronic bowl issues (fluctuate from constipation to diarrhea), bad breath, slight hair loss, finger nail deterioration, fatigue, migraines, body and joint pain.

If anyone can help give me some answers it will be very appreciated. I know there is a reason I have had all these problems... especially loosing my two babies.  I want to fix the problem to go on and have more children. Please help.
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