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Natural v's induced

Would anyone be able to share their experience of their induction? I am booked to be induced on Monday morning if I dont go into labour naturally by then, and I have heard a lot of people say that being induced is a lot harder than going naturally as the contractions come on stronger and faster. I am also hoping to have a natural labour (no epidural...I know I havent been through it yet so I will most likely be begging for it, but I'm willing to try). Thanks.
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It is much more painful (at least for me!).  Also, while many women have been successfully induced, induction carries its own risks, one of them being an increased rate of c-section.  Why are you being induced and how are you being induced?
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with my first... I was induced and it was a long labor !! not to mention hard. I was giving a so called natural birth with out pain meds. yuck

with this one I was scheduled an induce but lucky... she decited to come befor, lol only a few hours befor though. and with the help of an eperdural.... yay

good luck...maybe yours will decide to come on its own.
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I was inudced with both of my boys...first one was not so bad, long and strong contractions...I think the worst was from about 1:00 til 2:30 then I had Demeraol (sp) slept for and hr or so and then had baby at 4:23--second one four hours total much rougher go of it--could never get my breathing right and lost my focal point through the whole thing...never had an epidural--my hospital does not do them..both times delivered healthy baby boys over 8 1/2 lbs
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