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Pregnant at 40 and afraid of every sympton!

Hi Ladies,

My DH and I decidided in September- I am 40, he 42- to try for a third child before it is too late.  We got lucky on our first try, conceiving on September 21st, and I got my BFP (faint, but there!) at 11dpo on Sunday.  

I have tested every day since- I am a bit obsessive!- using First Response ER and my lines intially got a bit darker at 14dpo, and have stayed the same today.  

It may be my evil imagination, but it seems the lines took a bit longer this AM. This is what is really freaking me out.  Also,I have had minor cramping (almost completely constantly since yesterday AM), a bit of brown spotting when I check my cervix, and this morning had some EWCM-just like the OV kind- clear and stretchy.  Only once, though, when I used the washroom this AM.

Anyone else have a similar situation and then go on to a healthy pregnancy? I have carried two healthy kids to term, but that was when I was 28-29...

Thanks so much.  I am afraid to test again and get the dreaded BFN after 5 positives in a row:( .
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I have had what you described with alot of my pregnancies, it can be quite common to experience spotting and slight dull aching early on in pregnancy,  I have had a succesful preg at age 41, 2 miscarriages 6 months apart and another succesful preg at age 44. With the 2 miscarriages I started spotting intermitintly over a week, then went for a scan and both times showed that bub had died 2 weeks earlier. The only way to know for sure is to have your bloods done and for the preg hormone levels to rise, good luck :)
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Thanks.  Unfortunately, I think it was a chemical, because I had a super-faint result this am on my test:(.  I definitely don't think levels are rising.  I am going to see the doc this AM to see what she recommends.  

Did you use progesterone supplements or anything like that to accomplish your two successful 40+ babes? I have a funny feeling that might be my problem- I was having some symptoms of low progesterone even before I got PG (worsening PMS, a few night sweats, etc)...

Again, thanks so much :).
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actually yes I was, I was having the odd sweat and before my period I would start spotting brown, which I have since learnt that this is a sign as well. I went to an acupucturist and he regulated my hormones, made my uterus baby friendly and cranked up my overies, this was while I was trying to conceive my last, had the 2 miscarriages while having the two courses of acupucture. I also started taking pre-natals and royal jelly capsuals, stopped drinking alcohol and caffine as well. Hope this helps :)
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I also had several miscarriages in my late 30's/early 40's and ended up with Progesterone with this one and am now 32 weeks pregnant. I will be 42 next month. Best of luck to you!
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Thanks ladies.  

It WAS a chemical.  I started to bleed yesterday afternoon :(.  

Saw my doc yesterday, and she was telling me that the "research" shows that progesterone supplementation doesn't necessarily prevent miscarriange (which definitely goes against everything I have read).

Maybe I will try the acupuncture.  And Stacey10, the royal jelly...did you take it your whole cycle?

xrays, good luck with the babe!

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yes I continually take the royal jelly, I stopped once I was pregnant, but started again when bub was 1 month old. I also take the pre-conception vitamins as they have the co q10 in them, well the ones I take do and it works out cheaper than buying them individually. The progesterone only works if that is the problem, not if you would miscarry due to abnormalities in the egg, the other trisomies other than 21, tend to miscarry early in preg, so that is probably what has happened.DOnt give up, each cycle you still have a good chance of popping out that good egg, remember 1 is all you need :)
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hI, Away for the weekend, just read your post. I too am sorry for your loss. I was actually 3 days late for my period as well. I was due Oct 3, but I had the symptoms of pregnance a week before, swollen breasts with blue lines, light twinges and cramping, and moody. I usually do not get period symptoms that early. I was determined that I was pregnant, took 2 test of course they were negative. I actually had a dr appt for a pap smear result on Oct 3 and explained the symptoms to him, he took a test of course negative, but with my daughter, I did not get a positive test until 8 days after my due date. Anyway Dr gave me a script to have blood work done but he said to wait a week, well guess what I got on Thur!!! agghh my period. My dr, said I could have also started to have a chemical pregnancy, enough hormones just to start the changes and than it failed.

So here we are back to trying AGAIN!!  Please keep me posted!!!  And good luck,, Us 40 year olds need to stick together!!!!
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