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I REALLY need some advice.  

My baby will be 6 weeks old tomorrow.  I am breastfeeding exclusively.

I am having shooting pains in and aching, burning breasts.  My nipples are also sore and red. I Saw Obe today (not my regular, she's out, but her resident) and asked if these painful breasts could be due to yeast infection (possibility as advised by on-line lactation consultant). She said no and advised me to use hot compress and breast cream.  I strongly disagree that this pain is due to engorgement / breastfeeding trauma at this stage (and after 6 weeks).

Breast milk stored in fridge overnight (this is expressed and immediately refrigerated) will have bubbles coming out and will separate into layers.  Milk is not "off" or "sour" - I tasted it.  

I have history of antibiotics during the pregnancy and I had gestational diabetes - blood sugar probably ok now.  Oh, I do have  yeast infection down there that she agreed to treat with canesten pessaries.  I also have sore tongue/mouth - again no obvious white spots, and am having large, soft and foul No. 2s (sorry for being graphic) with stomach cramping / pains (feels a bit like menstrual cramping).

Baby now has heaps of gas and diarrhoea though she doesn't  have obviously white patches in  her mouth.  

So question - could all this be due to systemic yeast infection?
What do I do?  Fill in Dr says it can't be yeast because my nipples are only red,  not cracked and with white curd discharge (though there is curd like particles to be seen in the breast milk that I exress) and refuses to treat!  I don't know when my usual Obe is back. At least she knows my history and I think she might be more able to help.  I would try to see her if things get worse.

I can buy meds here OTC for nearly anything (in Phils) - but I need to know what is suitable and safe and effective.  I know both me and baby need treatment.  I walked out of the Dr clinic and had a good cry in my car.  I am so uncomfortable and concerned about this and was hopeful there would be assistance.  But there is none. So I am asking you ladies for advice.

I think this will need both pharmaceutical and natural (diet etc) approach.

AND I am very concerned about effect of yeast infection on baby's immune system (associated with allergy problems - and we h ave very strong family history of allergies / food problems)...

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I'm not really sure that sounds like a yeast infection. You may have mastitis? Do you have a temp? Perhaps a clogged duct? I wish I had more advice. I would try to see a lactation consultant near you.
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It doesn't sound so much like thrush to me either. My doctor told me if the baby has thrush, it will be very, very clear to identify.  (Mine did get thrush, actually).  He had a white coating on his tongue and on the inside of his lips and cheeks, and the coating on his tongue were spots.  He also got a wicked yeast infection in his groin area at the same time (common with thrush) and I had to use Monistat on him.  My doctor wouldn't treat him unless he showed these symptoms, because otherwise, he might not have it and she didn't want to give him medication for something he didn't have.

Can you go see a different doctor for a second opinion?  I would be especially concerned if you were running a fever, that you could have mastitis.

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