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I had to have an emergency c section yesterday and today I'm losing my eye sight and everything. Its been horrible. No one can tell me what's going on. I have an iv of magnesium after my c section. Did any of you have magnesium if and what were your side effects from it. Today has been a horrible day, I haven't even been got  to hold my baby yet because I've been so sick. Just wondering if anybody else had experienced this with magnesium?
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Magnesium can give you the runs, but I have never heard it can change your eyesight.  Ask the doctor what happens if you stop the magnesium.
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It might be related to high blood pressure. How's your bp? I was given magnesium when I had to have c section with preeclampsia. I remember they kept asking me if I could see clearly.. Maybe it's one of the side effects. But being on it generally makes you feel weird. Id ask your doctor, maybe its nothing serious and just a temporary side effect.
Sorry you didn't get to hold your baby yet. Hope he/she is doing OK and you'll get better soon. Good luck!! And congrats!!
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It was a spinal headache that no one told me could happen. After my c-section the doctors left and I did t have anyone to answer any questions for me. My doc went on vacation and there were no other docs there. I'm home now but it has been a rough week.
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