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************ open forum ************

this is my first time to open a forum! I am suprised one hasnt been started for today.
Anyway, Dh is in WVA and seems to have found OUR future residence. It has about 250 acres and 2 story house already on it. He gets to see the inside of the house on monday, but other than that, he is SOLD on it.
Yesterday I told our contractor that I am threw stressing out about him not finishing our pool/patio in a timely manner, that "I have letters going out next week to the Contractor license bureau, County Permit Office, my attourney and Help Me Howard (who is on the news to help in situations)." I think being 7 months pregnant, my husband having to relocate w/o me because the pool is not finished and we cannot put the house on the market until its done, might get someone's attention. We'll see.
Anyway, his reaction was " I'm pushing it, I'm pushing it!"
Yeah right, been 6 months since it began and 23 days of work (not full days, just where someone came and did something).
Well I hope all of you are doing well, I will check in on you later, got to take the smelly dogs to the groomers:)
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Hi, have you taken a preg t??? I would get one as soon as you can. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted.

Take care,
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That's the problem, I have taken about 5 test and each of them say negative. Some girls on here told me to get a cheapy wal-mart brand test so I think if I haven't started by next weekend we are going to do that.
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I have heard of lots of girls on here take progesterone with possitive outcomes. I took mine from 5 weeks to 19 weeks lmp. I am now 28 weeks. In a previous pregnancy, it was noted that I needed progesterone to help the pregnancy develop. I have never heard of a doctor going the opposite on that theory. You need it for the early stages of pg and if you dont produce it, and dont take the supplement, then yes, the pg would mos likely fail. I have never heard of it causing birth defects either, maybe someone on here can answer that for you. I have heard, however, if you use the natural progesterone cream up to week 20, it will make your baby smarter. Not sure if its true, just heard it.
If you are nervous about taking it, talk to YOUR DOC, not your friend's doc, and you can probably find more info on the net.
Good luck and best wishes to you!
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Can't let that one go by!

Progesterone cream (or any progesterone, for that matter) will not make your baby smarter.  Period.

Progesterone supplementation is probably WAY overused in most pregnancies.  There are DEFINATELY a few medical conditions where it is absolutely indicated.  Most of those conditions REQUIRE you to take it mid cycle, before you conceive, or right at ovulation time.  Otherwise, the pregnancy might be lost before you even miss a period.  These conditions are specific and not common.

However, a lot of doctors feel if it won't hurt, and may help, why not?  To date, there are NO clear and convincing well controlled studies on the benefit of progesterone supplementation for low progesterone levels, once the pregnancy is diagnosed.  Many, many pregnancies continue and thrive even with "low" progesterone levels.  These levels can vary WILDLY even if drawn several times on the same day.

But...bottom line is, it probably doesn't hurt anything.  But it won't make your baby any smarter.
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Actually your friends dr was not out of line at all. Progesterone can and will delay a failed pregnancy from miscarrying naturally.  

I agree with Christie that it is over-prescribed. In my case, my Dr. told me my progesterone was low and gave me the option of supplementation. He TOLD me that with my low HCG levels AND low prog levels, I was most likely miscarrying and supplementing with prog would only prolong the inevitable, but stil gave me the option of taking them. I chose to and he was right. It only delayed my inevitable miscarriage. Once miscarriage was without a doubt confirmed, I stopped the suppositories and within 2 days miscarried naturally wihtout needing surgery or other intervention. Had I declined the suppositories, I would have most likely miscarried a lot sooner and gotten the closure I so desperately wanted at the time.

If you NEED progesterone, it will most likely be given BEFORE you concieve.
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My OB is along the same lines..can't hurt..won't help with an already doomed pregnancy.  Mine actually prolonged it as well and my friend is a nurse for a fertility clinic said the exact same thing.  I think if you take it BEFORE conception then it can help..but after conception if it's already doomed to fail then it will prolong it.  As soon as I stopped my prometrium I lost the pregnancy a few days later.  =(
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