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Being a college student pregnant mother....I work in the lab a lot...is that okay??

I am a premed/bio major and I work in the lab a lot.  Today we disected rats and sheep brains! ugh tell me about it.  The chemicals that preserve the animals were so strong that it made me dizzy and lightheaded. I wanted to ask my professor if i could leave but i wanted to finish the lab.  The lab is once a week for about 3 hours.  Is this okay...or should I talk to my professor about special accomodations??

THANKS ladies!
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I would talk to your professor and doctor, just to check if any of the chemicals are dangerous. Just to be on the safe side.
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Give your Dr. a call and ask him what kinds of things are ok for you to be around. And tell your prof. that you are pregnant and the worries you are having. I'm sure he will be supportive.
Good luck and congrats on the baby!
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What Bio are you in?  My prof made me drop my Medical Microbiology class because I'm pregnant..and in that class we mess with like Staph and E Coli at almost every lab.  I am also in an A&P II class, which has a lab...but they say that one is okay.  We disect stuff in there as well.  I would definitely check with your prof, but I think as long as you're not in a micro class you should be fine....
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And check with motherrisk.com, they have info on just about every chemical.
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I work in a lab at a PCB clean-up site.  I work with things like methylicholride and hexane, and murcrey.  Sorry can't spell worth a ****.  Anyways just talk to your prof, and get a list of the chemicals, so that your dr, can put that list in your file, that's what I had to do.  Good luck
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thanks very much! I am in organismal biology. Do you think that will be okay?
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most profs have a list of chemicals for you to take to your dr. at my college we have to get a release from our dr to take any lab class. most of them were ok for me except for microbiology.

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