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****** OPEN FORUM FRIDAY ******

It's still allowing us to open this, and since we go through so many on Friday's thought i would start it early.
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Hello All,
I am on my 2nd round of clomid and have been cramping since day15 of my cycle. I have a 28 day cycle. I called the doctor's office and told them that it was pretty bad, similar to the first day of AF. Af is really bad for me,like I sometimes pass out from the pain. Though it has made childbirth a breeze for me. My question is has anyone else had this happen. I have been having cramps of different discomfort levels for 5 days now and it is on both sides. It sometimes gets so bad it feels like someone is taking my reproductive organs in my lower stomach and ringing them out like a wet towel. I am willing to do what ever it takes to get pregnant and stay that way it is just that instead of 5 bad days a month I have so far had a total of 15. Just looking for some understanding. My doctor is real laid back and says everything I am experiencing is normal. By the way I am taking Clomid for failed luteal phase. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sorry to ramble on! Thanks, Helen
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Just was reading about the "flutters" you are so anxiously awaiting to feel and wanted to comment.  With my first pregnancy I did not feel anything until about 19 weeks so hang in there it will be soon.  For me it felt like air bubbles or almost like a muscle that twitches (I know odd description on the muscle twitching).  It is funny how in the beginning we can't wait to feel it then by the last month it sometimes hurts so we beg them to stop.  With DD she would get the hiccups all the time which was so cute in my 7th month but so annoying for me by the 9th.  So right now you are begging to feel it and in about 6 months you will be online asking us how to get this kid to stop moving so much, how to get its foot out of your ribs or how to get its butt off your lungs so you can breathe.LOL
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I hear you on the whole movement thing.  I am going on my 37th week on Monday and I am sooooooooooooooo uncomfortable.  I do welcome this discomfort a lot more since I had a m/c almost a yr ago but it is starting to get painful.  My feet are starting to look like someone took an airhose needle, stuck it into my foot and started pumping.  Like all of you though I could not wait to feel the baby move and I still enjoy the movements now just not the ones that are painful.  I still get a little nervous if he goes a couple hours without much movement and then I find myself shaking my tummy saying OK peanut let's move for mommy.  

CMN - Hang in there.  Like Missy04 said you'll feel it soon.  I am so glad to hear you are doing well this time in your pg.  I wish you luck for the next couple months it'll be here before you know it.  I can't believe I only have about 3 weeks left.  It starts out slow and then the time sneaks up on you.  We just put our changing table together tonite and should be (hopefully) getting our crib tomorrow.  Nothing like last minute huh???  LOL!!!!!!! I am doing Care Bears for my little guy.  Some of the bedding (to me anyway) does look a little girly but I have a lot of focus on the cute bedtime bear since I had him as a little girl.  It is looking cute so far.  Well I better go it is late and I am getting tired and I have to watch my 4 month old niece all day in the morning.  Talk to you all soon.  Take Care.
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I just wanted to kinda take a poll.  When did morning sickness start for you guys?  I'm just going on 6 weeks and I swear its starting already.  Could that be possible?
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Feels like I'm having to experience this miscarriage twice....
I went to my Dr yesterday to get results of an US of last week. The tech told me she saw a placenta, and that it was possible for it to be a new one. So, naturally, I sort of got my hopes up. Instead, it turns out that over 6 weeks later, I have still retained a tiny fetus dating at 6w1d (exactly the date at which I began to bleed). She explained that it is very tiny (4mm), and no fetal pole or heartbeat, but I feel heartbroken again all the same. With all of the severe bleeding I've had, I guess I just assumed that it was over and I could start to heal and move on.
Apparently not so.
I REALLY don't want to have a D&C, and my Dr agrees that I can easily pass this on my own.
First I was dealing with the fear of losing my baby, and now here I am carrying around my lost fetus. It definitely didn't help that the tech suggested it could be a  new pregnancy...
Before yesterday, I was feeling pretty good, and looking forward to my DD's first birthday party this weekend. Now I feel like I've lost the baby twice, if that makes any sense at all...
Plus my Dr advises for us to wait until I have a period (which could be a while) beore we try again. I just don't want to wait, and I know that many women get pregnant without having had a period in between. But I also don't want to endanger a new baby just because I am eager! Any thoughts?
Thanks ladies,
Myah's Mom is Glum
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The clomid gave me VERY intense cramping for several days during O time. It was awful. I could have ripped them out, it was so bad. What was even worse is after all that pain, it appears I never actually Oed. I hope that you are at least Oing! Are you having your blood drawn to see?

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