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? about RSV shot with a preemie, advice please!

I'm sorry if this gets long, but I could really use some advice. I'm very confused. My daughter was born at 34 weeks and weighed 5 pounds 3 ounces, she is now 8 pounds 10.8 ounces (weighed today and she is 38 days old). She never had any problems with breathing or eating. Right after she was born her doctor signed an order that she could get the RSV shots starting Nov. 1st. At her 1 month Appt on Sept 24th she weighed 7 pounds 8.4 ounces, and has been doing great, she will not be in daycare, we don't have any other kids, and her doctor didn't think she would need the shots because she is doing so great and insurance wouldn't cover them because we don't have 2 qualifing factors. (If the dr thought she needed the shots and insurance wouldn't cover it, I would pay for them in a heartbeat. That's what credit and making payments is for right?) Her doctor is a Fairview Doctor. She was born at a HEalth East hospital, and was taken care of by Healtheast doctors and nurses when she was born. Healtheast keeps calling and wanting to schedule a time that a nurse can come out and give her the shots, when I told them that the doctor said she didn't need them, they told me she still qualifies, but I dont know how she doesnt have 2 qualifing factors and they were really wanting me to schedule an appt. I told them I needed to talk to my husband and family since they wouldnt start the shots until November I had time to think about it. But if she needed the shots, wouldn't she get them from her doctor? Should the Healtheast nurses still be calling to set this up? They haven't seen her or gotten any info on her since she left the hospital because she goes to a different doctor in a different network. Did you decide to get the RSV shots for your baby? And are they going to be in daycare or exposed to other children alot? We only have 3 kids in the family that she would be around, and not if they are sick. Just looking for advice, sorry this got so long, and thanks for taking the time to read it and give advice!
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Was told by my doctor and the hosp that my daughter needed a series of shots for rsv and to qualify she needed to be preemie which she was, being born at 33 wks and she will be going to daycare and there are other children in the home, we only needed 2 to qualify. My pediatrician sends the pt's out for it to a clinic as they dont do them at her office. They just enforced that it was very important that we do this as in a full term baby it can be dangerous but preemies lungs even though they could breathe and are healthy now, the lungs are still more suseptible to infection with this virus and may not be able to fight the infection that may seem like a normal cold to other children.
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Good question!  My son was born aug 5th at 33 wks.  he is supposed to get that shot as well.  he is in daycare.  I was told that with my son being a preemie he will definately need that.  But i was told that by his NICU doc and nurses.  His pediatrician on the other hand gave me the option though.  I will probably be getting that for my son as im too afraid of him getting really sick especially now that he is in day care and around all those other germs. :(  Do some research on the pro's and cons and then make that decision. :)  But in my case i think it's best for my man!!lol  best wishes and congratulations!!
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I don't have preemies, my sons were born big and healthy, but we still had battles with RSV and it was awful.  We are still paying for it with Cameron, he's 6 months old and very sick right now.  He got sick his first 2 days at daycare.  The gagging and choking cough was so bad and scary, his oxygen levels got pretty low and we were very lucky to keep him out of the hospital.  We had to go in daily to have him monitored and I didn't sleep much at all.  He was 10 weeks old, we were told it would have been even worse had it happened even a week earlier.  I had to take the next entire week off from work, and they were understanding about it, I was only back a couple days, so tehy really hadn't got used to having me back yet.  Thankfully they are very kind and family oriented.  Anytime Cam gets a little sick, it gets really bad.  He is seeing a pulmonolgist for breathing issues, some which are linked to bad acid reflux, and they felt he had a predisposition to have problems, but they agree that the RSV has done so much damage.  All we can do is be proactive and hope he outgrows it.  He couldn't even get his shots this week, he got so sick overnight and by the time we got in to the Dr. he had a pretty high fever, his lungs were bad and he is gasping for air.  I still can't sleep while he does, I worry that he will choke.  I would definitely call the Dr. office and talk to someone in billing about your concerns.  I bet you are fine to get it.  Even though my son got it at 10 weeks, it has been so bad for him.  My older son got it as well from daycare, but he was around 4 months old at the time.  RSV can look like a cold in older kids, or you may not notice it at all.  Please be careful.  I would pay it in a heartbeat.  We have had so many x-rays, blood tests, visits...it's been really expensive and the meds he's on are crazy.  He's on steroids again, plus the highest dose you can get on an inhaler, plus nebs, antibiotics, acid reflux meds...you don't want to be here.  Hope your little ones stay healthy!
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I would definately get it, my son was born at 32 weeks, needed no help to breath but still we suffer every year with terrible chest infections, he is only 3 and has had pneumonia 3 times. They suspected RSV earlier this year with him but it turned out to be bacterial pneumonia again. If you can get these shots to help prevent it I would if I were you, RSV is a terrible thing for a baby to suffer.
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its cmpletely up to you. i will say tho that when they are telling you that she "qualifies" im guessin that they are saying the shot is not avalible to everybody, prolly not that the insurance company will cover it. Call your insurance company and ask them,but dont give out too much info . if they say its ok, i would go for it!
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My son is getting them he stays home all day long with me for the occasional dr apts..where ALL the germs are...he has a trach...so it was a given for me..a simple cold can turn into a hospital stay...if the dr's at the hospital are saying to get it..they are the neonatologists..so just in my opinion they know best...they specialize in babies...but its totally up to you..i have another 2 children in the house who are in school..so my choice was easier..and germs are everywhere and not just from children..its a good idea..but you call the shots..
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I would definitely get them!  My dd was born at 35 weeks and SHOULD have gotten them, but her doctor said no to them.  (We have since found another doctor).  Anyway, she did get RSV and most likely from the doctor's office itself...during a well check visit - go figure!  RSV is just horrible...especially to see your little one struggling so hard to breathe.  For peace of mind, I would suggest getting the shots.
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My son was full term and acquired RSV at 6 weeks and wound up in the hospital for one week. He had a severe case brought home by my husband. You don't have to be around other kids to get it. If you work and come home sick, that's how it can be transmitted. It is really, REALLY scary and if mine was a candidate I think I would have gotten it before hand. One should never mess with breathing issue risks, especially in a preemie. RSV can be fatal. Keep them safe. Get the shots.
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