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11 days late

I had a beautiful baby boy on March 3rd 2008, i got by period on April 27th, i am now 11 days late! could this mean i am pregnant again or is my cycle still just abnormal. as wonderful as another baby sounds  i dont think im really ready to go through it all again.PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ANSWERS.
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i too had my baby boy in March. the 5th to be exact. my first cycle came on the 21st of April. but in May, it came over a week late, and girl, I was scared out of my mind. so i would say that based on my experience, your cycle may not be quite regulated,  but theres always that chance if your not on bc. good luck!
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I would take a test.   You could DEFINATELY be pregnant if you haven't been using birth control.
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