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11 month old wont swallow

Hey ladies. I have a little issue with my son. He is 11 months old and he will not swallow his food. He will chew it and suck all the juice out of it (he LOVEs strawberries) but then he just spits it out. How do I make him swallow his food. His doc said that he should be off of formula when he turns a year old next month but I cant take him off if he isnt eating and getting all of his nutrition that he needs. Any advice?
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Strawberries aren't suppose to be given until after a year old.. only because they are an allergy trigger... ( the actual strawberry itself)  Give him baby food...  that way he can't suck all the stuff out of it.. since its already pureed..  Try cheese and stuff that he has to chew
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If you are giving him formula and then sweet things like strawberries, he will get to the point where only sweet stuff is what he wants.  Try pureed chicken, beef, things like that from the baby-food aisle, and see if he will swallow those.  At that age, my son loved black olives (sliced).  You might just experiment with salty things like that to get the contrast going from sweet things like fruit.
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my daughter didn't really swallow much of anything not pureed until just before 12 months old. She had a terrible gag reflex. Is he willing to eat/swallow step 1 and step 2 baby foods? i think at 11 months, the only solid foods she was eating regularly was those gerber puffs that dissolve easily, american cheese, and peas- although she would suck the insides out of the peas and spit out the shells.

She outgrew it quickly and was eating everything within a few months, but I continued formula instead of whole milk for a couple of months to make sure she got all the nutrition she needed. They don't have to be off formula, especially if they aren't eating balanced meals yet. discuss your concerns with your ped at his 12 month appointment. It is possible that he has either a texture/sensory issue or a swallowing problem, but most likely it's just him maturing at his own pace.
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Thanks ladies. His doctor said that strawberries were ok at 10 months so we giv ehim those every once in a while. Mostly we give him the gerber crackers, puffs, he eats chicken, noodles, peas, basically what we are eating we give him little pieces of and he will put them in his mouth like he is going to eat them and then chews the food but instead of swallowing it he spits it out. We have tried the purees but he wont eat anything with a spoon. He likes to feed himself. He will just grab the spoon and want to play with it. So i started giving him his own spoon to hold while i was trying to feed him with another spoon and he refused to open his mouth to eat from the spoon.. i didnt think that trying to get your child to eat was so difficult...
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Hi Kelly, I came across your post, and I'm having exactly same issue with my 9 month old daughter. She won't eat anything from a spoon. She takes pieces of real food, fruits, veggies, chicken, chews it and spits it out instead of swallowing. I'm out of ideas on how to get her to swallow her food. Can you please answer me if and when your son outgrew this dilemma or was there another underlying problem. P.S. She is exclusively breast fed.

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