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11 week fetus - no heartbeat!

My husband, 15 year old daughter and I went to the Dr. yesterday to hear the baby's heartbeat. To our shock there was NONE! The Doctor did a vaginal ultra sound as well as one on the belly. I had a misacarriage at 7 weeks in August and knew it was coming. But this pregnancy I have felt great! They tell me that the fetus made it to the 11 weeks but stopped sometime during this week. No one can tell me why! I have to go tomorrow to have it removed. I am stressing wondering if it was because I slept on my stomach and on my back. I have read so much that now I blame myself! Is there something that I could have done??? I am afraid to try again. Is there any tests out there to determine why I am not carrying full term? I had no problems with my daughter 15 years ago! I am basically a healthy female. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!!!  I can't imagine what you're going through right now.  Is there any way you can get another u/s?  I don't know, just a second opinion maybe.  Just to be absolutely 100% sure that the doctor didn't miss something?

Sleeping on your stomach and back at this point in your pg is not to blame.  You are NOT to blame!!!!  There comes a point where you are no longer comfortable sleeping on your stomach and you just physically/mentally can't do it.  It's like a beach ball and you can't bear to lay on it.  If you were not to this point then stomach sleeping is not dangerous.  

For the back sleeping, you are not far enough along to be detrimental yet.  It
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I am so sorry for your loss. I am just becoming very emotional right there with you. I know the feeling of blaming yourself. I have experenced a few m/c's back to back and now we are ttc and no luck so far. My sister and mother also had a few m/c's back to back we found out its not us. Are bodys seem to reject them. My mom belives as do I that God knows theres a serious problem and is going to give us the perfect baby. Mom latter had two wonderful boys my brothers no problem. My sister has my nephew and I have my two sons. There all perfect. It hurts so much to m/c becuase it is a life. I think we should just claim are lives and are health. I don't want to get religous cause I know it can be offensive but I would just say pray cause right now the only one who can take away the pain is Jesus. I hope you do ttc agian it will happen. I would also recomd in your first trimester you just take it as lazy as possible. Once agian so sorry.
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I am so sorry that you alla re going through this. But DO NOT blame yourself! It is the miracle of birth for a reason, SO many things have to be in line to GET pregnant and then a whole other line of things need to be in line for the baby to actually be born.

I too have gone throught his as many woman here have, I was almost 21 weeks and at a routine u/s found out my baby died at 18.4 weeks. They hopefully will be able to do a "autopsy" and genetic testing on the  baby to see what happened, this is what they were able to do to mine though be prepared that you may get the same answers that I got...It was just one of those funky things that happened and the baby was physically and genetically perfect so there were no answers. Also, ask your doc to do a work up on you were they check for a bunch of things such as if you have lupis and such and see if you can get genetics testing, but remember to call your insurance company before getting the genetics done to see if they will cover it because it can cost a lot of money.

It is very scary trying again, I had 2 m/c one at about 11 weeks 10/03 and then the one at 21 weeks 12/23/04(we actually found out that he was a boy so we actually named him and this did help). So when DH wanted to try again it was hard to do so I told him that I was not ready and that if he wanted to it was up to him. When I tested in April and got the BFP I cried for about two hours....what if? I was scarde to death, but then I relaxed a little and thought that I would just enjoy the time that I had with this baby and every day that he was inside of me (many times a day) I told him how mauch I loved him. Not saying that I did not stress the whole pregnancy and before every doctor's visit and before every u/s always thinking the worst. But I now am holding my 3.5 week old son Duncan and he is perfect!

Just remember that it was nothing that you did or did not do or anything that you have control of. Also, don't try again befrore you are emotionally ready for it ( I was not and actually Idon't know if that is why I had morning sickness so bad week 12 through 28 where Iliterally could not keep water down). Good luck and keep us posted.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I went through the same thing as you. Went for an u.s at 11.6 weeks and found no heartbeat (they estimated it died that week). This happened in October and I was a wreck for about a month. This web site has helped me a lot!
Please just no it's not your fault. I am now almost 5weeks and have vowed not to read any books on pregnancy because all they do is scare me to death.  
You are in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry for what you are going through right now.  Dont blame yourself, you will just drive yourself crazy.  There was nothing you did or could have done to cause it or prevent it.. Trust me i asked all the same questions.  I found out exactly 2 weeks ago today that my 10wk 2 day old baby had no heart beat.  The tech also told me baby's heart stopped recently.  It seems like you did exactly what i did.. I went into my ultrasound expecting to get all these neat close ups of my baby.  I was so excited to finally see its arms, legs, head etc.  I didnt think that they may find something wrong. Its like being blindsided.. One minute you are so happy and the next it is extreme heartache. I am so sorry that your 15 year old had to experience that too.  It does help to have your family there though... Please know that it wasnt your fault, it will get better.. People were telling me this 2 weeks ago and I didnt believe them.  It is still hard for me but it IS getting better.  Good luck and please let us know how you are doing.
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Sorry for your loss.  As you can see you are not alone.  Miscarriage is a more common occurance than we think and as you age your chance of miscarrying increases.  This is mainly due to the aging of your eggs (ie. they will more often result in less than perfect embryos).  When the embryo is not perfect it will usually result in a miscarriage (natures way). So it is not your fault. As an indication under 30yrs of age has a 5% miscarriage rate, 30-34 yr olds have a 10% chance, 35-39yr olds 15-20%  over 39-45yrs and it jumps up dramatically to 25-50%
I agree with the other postings that any test you can get to help pinpoint if there are any other problems would be beneficial.
Some of the reasons for recurrent miscarriage are:
genetic defects, hormonal abnormalities, blood clotting disorders, infection, uterine or cervical abnormalities.
Good luck in your baby quest.  Think positive thoughts and try not to stress too much.  
Love and light
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