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19wks and very watery discharge

Anbody experiencing watery discharge?  I know it is a sign of possible ambiotic fluid leaking but right before I had my cerclage put in, I had watery discharge.  My dr tested it and it was negative for ambiotic fluid. I had the cerclage put in that night... after that I a lot of mucusy discharge.. dr said that was okay.. the mucus has stopped but now I am having really watery dischage. I probably should have called during the week, but I guess I'm just kinda dr'ed out and since i had it before and it tested negative, I was reluctant to call again.  

Anybody else going experiencing this?  sure would ease my mind :)
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Well, I am about 27 weeks,and I had my last dr's appt a couple of weeks ago.  At that time I mentioned a watery discharge to him and he said that when you are pregnant, your body is making more fluids and it is quite normal to have more discharge down there.  Mine happens two or three times a week, not a huge amount, but enough sometimes that I have to change panties (sorry if TMI).  After all you've been through lately, I'm sure your doc would understand your concern.  Give him/her a call if it will ease your mind.  This also happened to me the first time around, and I was really freaked out by it.  This time, eh...not so much :)
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i didn't experience it in either pregnancy. Doesn't mean it's not normal though...
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woman - quit being stubborn and call your doctor - good grief - most doctors at least have a nurse on call after hours and weekends - if nothing else - it will help ease your mind to know that its probably normal - odd question and definitely tmi - are you sure it isn't urine leaking?  I've done that with both pregnancies - especially if I cough or sneeze really hard.....  just asking ....  let me know what you find out from your doctor
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Well I guess one of the reason's I haven't called the dr yet is because I knew he would tell me to come in.  Now that I have put it off utnil the weekend, I'm not sure, but during the week he would have said to come in for sure.  I know it is one of the signs I'm supposed to look for, but since I was haivng it before and it turned out not to be ambiotic fluid, I guess I just really didn't want to have to go to the dr again.  I guess I just want things to be as normal as possible just for a couple days at least.  

Oddly enough it seems to have stopped or at least taken a pause.  I happened twice early this morning but then nothing the rest of the day.  

I'm sure it isn't urine... I do leak when I sneeze but this is different.  I can feel it.  

I have an appt on Wed...  I'll see how things go the next couple of days and maybe I'll call sooner.  I know if I tell him I had watery discharge and didn't call him, he will get onto me about it.  
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Tanker, please call your doc. This was happening to me with my first pregnancy, I thought it was normal turned out it was my amniotic sac leaking and my son was born at 32 weeks. I had what I thought was the same thing again at 31 weeks with my second pregnancy so I went in. They did the same test as you had and it was negative and everything was fine. The thing is I couldn't tell the difference between what was normal and what wasn't, it's our doctors job to do that so please just to be on the safe side get it checked out.
Best wishes.
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Hannah - let's say you wait until your appt Wednesday - you don't call the doctor because you are doctored out and you don't want him to get on you - on Wednesday you tell him you've been having this discharge - he tests and finds out that it is amniotic fluid and heaven forbid, but there is a serious risk to the little man - he says if you had called him a few days earlier things could be different or the pregnancy could be saved - how would you feel?  You pay your doctor for a reason - and he's your doctor and he's supposed to tell you if you are doing something stupid that could risk your health or the baby's health - get off the computer and call the after hours number NOW - don't even wait until Monday - call now and I'll expect a post soon letting us know what the doctor told you
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