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1st c-section

I had a c-section on 5/10/10 for my daughter and i had a infection in the site that drained for 10 days was put on antibiotics...now 2 weeks later my stomach right under the belly button is very senstive to touch...even my shirt irratates it..it feels like a burning sensation and it also hurts when i walk because of my stomach "jiggling"..my period comes and goes..it does not sain a pad only is noticable when i wipe and it also changes daily in color..one day bright red next day brown  and then it wont be threr at all...is this normal?  
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The burning sensation is probably from the stitching.  When I had a C (no infection) it felt like burning a long time, especially on the right side.  My doc said that surgeons stitch towards themselves, and put the knot at the end of the incision closest to them, and she suggested my surgeon was probably standing on my right.  She said it can take a whole year for the area with the knot in it to heal totally.  (Maybe the knot is that much thicker, and when they use dissolving stitches, it takes more time to melt away.)  Still having some bleeding after a C-section is also pretty normal.  But when you go in for your 6-week appointment, discuss all these things with your doctor.
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With my c-section I had a lot of irritation from clothing from my belly button down to my incisiion site.  My doctor told me that when they make the incision they cut through some of the nerves and it causes either some mild numbness or sensitivy in that area.  It's been almost 14 years since mine and I still have a mild numbness below my belly button.  I did have a little infection and oozing from one of the staple holes.  I agree with Annie on the bleeding as well.  Just be sure to mention your concerns to your doctor.
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