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22 wks and return of morning sickness?

starting a couple days ago, I'm queazy off and on- just enough to make life miserable. I didn
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I had it severe in the early stages...then it went away until about 25 weeks...came back but not nearly what it was like in the beginning but still annoying.

I had trouble with veggies...come from a 9 yr vegetarian...I switched to meat/fruits (but only kosher or organic/free roaming meat - for the animals....LOL.

Try starting your day with breads....toast, dry waffles...


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whoa apple! i've been feeling that way too, i was 22 wks yesterday. :)
anyways. but mostly it seems after i eat fried foods.
i hope u feel better!
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I'm 20 weeks and feeling the same way, YUCK I hope we all feel better soon :-)
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with my first pregnancy I was sick the entire 9 months with out a break.
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I have been feeling nauseous the last few mornings, it just lasts until around the time I eat lunch.  That's so weird other people are getting it too.  I'm 23 weeks today.
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With my ds, now 3 I threw up everyday including delivery day.  I was pretty cranky.  They put me on zantac the last 2 months as I had reflux.  And the sick had now rhyme or reason.  I gobbled tacos, and threw up turkey dinner the next day.
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It's a morning and evening thing for me. No throwing up, but I don't feel like doing anything except laying down and sucking on lemons.

The funny thing is that DH got the morning sickness back a full day before I did!
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I am 27 weeks, and have been having the same problem the past week or so. I should say that I have felt nauseous off and on all along, but it had gotten much less often. Now, this past week+, I feel like I'm ready to puke at any minute. I haven't thrown up, and I can still eat most of the time. It's just cruddy to feel like this again. I thought it was past.
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