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24 weeks and in pain

Hello ladies. I am 24 weeks 2 days today and I am having some back pain amd cramping. I had similar pain last week and went to L&D, they checked and said I did not have contractions. My urine cama back with crystals in it. It still hurts to pee, but they did not do anything about it. Since yesterday I feel more pain. Now I am very worried about my back pains. Could this be preterm labor signs?.

Thank you.
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Sounds like a UTI, I would go back to your doc and ask for a test and some antibiotics, hope you feel better soon!
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I would call the doctor and make an appointment. It sounds like a urinary tract infection.  I had kidney stones when I was about 25 weeks. That was not fun. You should go and get checked out. Good luck!
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They said I dont have UTI, but I have crystals in my urine which is indication of possible kidney stone. What kind of test did they do to check for kidney stones?  Do you think that may cause all these pains?
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kidney stones can DEFINITELY cause the type of pains you have!  In fact, some people liken "passing" kidney stones to a pain comparable or worse than labor!
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Kidney stones are very painful. I actually passed them pretty quickly. I went to the doctor and they sent me to the hospital to triage. They said because of my past history of kidney stones and my symptoms they were pretty sure I had them. They sent me home and scheduled me for a follow-up the next day. I passed a stone the next morning.
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I am sorry I didn't actually answer your question. They will usually do a CT scan on non-pregnant people. They only assumed I had stones and sure enough I did. I passed them relatively quickly thank god! They will usually do a 24 hour urine and order bloodwork also.
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Thank you very much.
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