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FEVER since 5 DAYS & goes down to 100.5 & upto 104.Did blood/urine test all OK. DR.says some viral infection just continue with medication.
I also took three doctors opinion all said to wait & watch continue with medication? The proper dose just doesn't go in. He is having water...passes urine 4 times a day. Smelly stool/potty only twice (loose motion) in 5 days very little. Eats only chips & little dryfruits.
We force the medicine..its too hard to give him oral intake. triedSyrup(Doesn't like the taste Spits all out), triedTablet(Does not swallow), triedSuppository(No longer likes it as it pains now), triedTabletPowder (Failed all spits out)...tried just about everything I do not know what to do....? Should I admit him in the hospital ONLY to have medicine?
Please suggest/help.
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You should call his doctors back and tell them he's not taking the medication, and not taking fluids well, if I'm understanding what you're saying.
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I agree with Peek. If need be they will give him a shot since he isn't taking the medication.
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