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26week update!!

I had my weekly appt today.. it went really good. My cervix is still very thin, but holding stable at 1 cm thick.  

I passed my glucose test but barely... they said there are two standards.. i failed the more concervative standard but passed the one they go by.. my level was 133, and I passed by 2 points.  

I got to see my wonderful little baby boy today.. he is estimated to be 2lbs and his heart rate was 144 b/m... I got to see him gulping/breathing amniotic fluid and his little jaw was moving up and down..

So today is a really good day.. I'm feeling very hopefull..  and still expecting nothing less than a miracle..

I hope you all are doing well too.. Hannah  
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WOW....26 weeks is a HUGE deal!! That is great! When I was pregnant with Ashtyn and they told me at 20 weeks that I could go into preterm labor at any time, the neonatologist told me that at 27 weeks they put their feet up on the desk because it is a piece of cake. I think he was trying to make me feel better about being in the situation, but the point was, once you get to 27 weeks the chances are survival are 97% (at least at the hospital I delivered). Good luck making it the next few weeks. BTW, I went into preterm labor at 27 and 28 weeks, then delivered at 31 weeks. Good Luck! You had made it so far!
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OH Hannah,  that is great news!!!  
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thanks.. i am feeling really good about it..

Cheyenne.. thanks for sharing your stroy with me.. I knew your son came early but I didn't know how early..  My dr told me a similar thing.. he said at 26wks the babies chances are about 75% and at 28wks they are around 97%...

I can't believe it.. the third trimester is so close now.. I really feel like I will get there..  
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Congrats on reaching this milestone!  I am glad your boy is doing so well.  Since you had steroid injections already I bet the chances for your guy are even better than average.  
Have you picked out a name yet?
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We haven't settle on a name yet.. My fav is Nathan but DH wasnt' jumping on board.
Lately he has been patting my belly and calling him Nathan, so I think I am winning him over..

I hope you are right about the shot but at the same time,... I hope we never have to find out... meaning the baby will stay put :)  

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yay, i'm so happy for you!!
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Every day now, every hour, is a thrilling bonus.  Keep doing whatever you are doing.  We're all rooting for you!
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Thanks peek.. i've been trying to be extra good ;)

last week was tough.. i was getting really stir crazy but I'm starting to get past it..  
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Yay!  Glad things are going so well. I think of you often... :)  
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Glad to hear all is well and your little man is growing good. Take it easy.
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I'm so glad things are going so well for you!! You are doing a great job!! Keep it up. =)
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That's so great to hear!  Like peek said, every hour/minute/second is a bonus... you celebrate making it to this point and then next week you can celebrate making it to the 27 week point.. and so on and so forth!  We're all holding our breath for you.  
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Each day at a time, but I am so glad to see even 26 weeks. Lets get to 36!
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