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29 weeks prego - gestational diabetes

I was just told that I have gestational diabetes.  I had elevated levels with my DS so I kinda of expected it but then when I did the 3 hr tolerance test everything came back fine.  This time my levels were really high for the first test so they are just referring me to a dietician and self monitoring.  Doc was even talking about insulin injections!  ick!!! I am totally at a lost.  I want to start eating correctly before seeing the dietician but have no idea what foods are ok.  It's quite a surprise to me since I'm not a sugarholic by any means.  We never have desserts at home.  Occasionally I will have the chocolate bar here and there but nothing extreme.  Maybe once every two weeks.  How will this affect my baby now that I'm 29 wks along?  What kinda of foods should I be eating?  I've been on pins and needles with my eating now that I've found out and I know this is not the time for dietiing.  I am at a lost of what carbos, proteins, etc to eat.  Help!
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The same author for "What to expect when your expecting" has another book called "what to Eat when your expecting" Very good and I reccomend getting that one to start!
Good luck to you!
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It is not just sugar like in dessert and cholcolate that make you diabetic.  It is the carbs in foods.  I was not a real big dessert or candy bar person either.  My down fall is I like pasta and white bread and potatoes.  All kinda bad for you--they are processed crabs.  Try to stay away from these foods, also because a food says it is sugarfree--you need to look at the carb content.  The dietician will explain serving size and portions to you--along with really good foods to eat.  My GD was controlled by diet and never had to go on insulin.  

Great part about this type of eating plan--I only gained 17 lbs my whole pg--and weighed less than before I was pg. after delivery.
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I know how you feel. I posted similar question on Tuesday. (if you would like to check it out) I do not know for sure that I have GD, since I only failed the one hour test (over 150, bellow 140 is normal) and took the 3 hour test this morning (horrible) but from whatever I talked to my co-workers (former MDs) and read on line, it does not effect your baby in any other way then your baby may end up being huge because all the suger goes to him/her. That is why the diet/exercise. Also, it may happen that if you do not follow the diet, you have a higher chance of developing diebetes later on in your life, but don't nesessary have to. I am a skinny, active (work out 5x a week-former professional athlete, eat very well) person and still look like I will have it. I am 26 weeks, so I figured that I will be dealing with the next 12+/- weeks somehow. I may cheat a bit during my baby shower and Thanksgiving, but by X-mas, heck, I will only have 2 or so weeks to go, so let it be a big baby. I have had a 10 lbs my first one, I guess and will have a another huge one. LOL
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Hi. I know exactly what your dealing with, i have g/d since i was 12 wks. So i've been going thru it for about 7 wks. It's not to terribly bad. Stay away from sugar, and carbs like the previous posters said. The carbs count, they turn into sugar. Also when you eat, eat small portions, eating more of the vegetables during meals. The dietitian will give u a chart to go by, that's what my ob did. I just follow that, and i've actually lost 8 lbs my last visit and the next had only gained 1lb. So i expect to only gain a lil while i'm pregnant too, that's the good side! ;P
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Thanks jd1419 for the advice.  My weakness is definately potatoes and rice.  I'm asian so I can't escape that!  If I could have it everyday I would but I'm definately going to have to change that.  

I haven't gained that much weight for the pregancy.  So far, 15 lbs.  I gained a total of 22lbs with my DS and he was an average size baby at 7lbs 7 ounces. So it looks like I will gain just as much for this baby with 11 more wks to go. It doesn't look like I will have a huge baby thank goodness.  My dad's side of the family have diabetes which they develop later in life so I guess I should deal with the healthy choices now instead of later.  I'm glad that I will meet with the dietician because I really need some guidance on my eating habits.
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can anyone tell me how many carbs total are you suppose to eat a day if you have GD?
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